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Looking back on some dumb sessions...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by loopdigga420, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. The dumbest thing i did to smoke weed was to hide in a brand new clean dumpster that was judt dropped of to its destination and we smoked a fat jay in the dumpster. a buddy was standing outside and said smoke was pouring out of the dumpster. we got questioned by a couple cops and some elders lol. fun day

    what is your sketchiest session
  2. I hotboxed my car in the school parking lot once... I got suspended:hello:
  3. Walking with a blunt in the middle of the night and finally realizing we were about 100 ft. from a police station....
  4. Having a sesh before meeting my ex's parents a few years back... interesting night:(
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    This is by far the sketchiest thing that has ever happened to me. It happened back when I was 16:

    I was walking to a spot on the outskirt of this neighborhood I didn't live at. All I had to do was walk down to the end of the street I was on and turn right and I was there. It was fairly late out (10 PM) and I didn't think anyone would be out, so I decided to spark a joint I had and smoke while I was walking down the street. (I had more bud for when I got to my spot, but I had rolled the jay in the car because I had one wrap left)

    Down the street I noticed two older women walking towards me. As I was passing them, they were giving me this awkward look, and then one of the women gasped and said to me "Is that a joint?!?" (The street lights really illuminated me if they could actually tell it wasn't a cigarette, I guess. That or they could smell it). Before I can lie and say it's a cigarette, she reaches up towards my face to try and grab it! I kind of duck my head out of the way of her hand just in time and bolt down the street without looking back.

    I decided that my spot wasn't so chill anymore, so I went back to my car and drove to another spot and got high. Still, that was one of the weirder weed-related incidents I've been involved in
  6. I hate people like that... old bitch shoulda lived and let live. "Are you smoking a joint?!" "Yea, are you some obtrusive bitch who has no business accusing me of anything?"
  7. Wow what a weirdo...hopefully she does that to the wrong person and gets knocked the fuck out.
  8. once my friend and i were smoking a bowl along the side of his garage (opposite side the house is on) and went to the short driveway to repack on the hood of his car... as we had the bag and the bowl on the hood, a cop drove by (his driveway is short so the road/cop were only like 20 feet away) ... prettty scary...

    another time we smoked a blunt in the medieval times parking lot...lots of old people and kids walking around... kind of sketchy and might not have been the smartest move in hindsight, but if anyone has a medieval times nearby, i high-ly recommend going there :smoking: :smoking:
  9. I remembered another really dumb but lucky thing that happened to me. Again, a few years back, maybe 5 (i was mid highschool, grade 10 or 11) me and 3 friends were at a park hitting his mini bong. This was in a populated and somewhat wealthy neighbourhood, and the park was secluded at night to pedestrians on the street and what not, we thought we were safe. Lone behold, at 11 o fucking clock, an entire family, toodlers baby mom n dad and all, decide to hit the swings...

    The first thing we hear when they make their approach is "daddy whats that smell". being baked we all stopped trying our escape, and hit the ground laughing. The guy proceeded to call the police on his cell and attempt to talk us into staying at the park. I told him to suck my dick, and peaced. He literally tried to run after me and grab me as to be nabbed by the police. My friends stood their and watched as he literally assaulted me(not really, but tugging me back to the road at the park)

    I was a jackass bigshot in highschool so i proceeded to punch him in the face after he refused to let me go, then went on to continue beating on him. After about 30 seconds, my friends pulled me off and we ran like hell. It weas dark, it was wierd, and never again will i be stupid enough to smoke in a public park.

    We got away unscaffed save for a bloody lip on me, and went on to have another mini bong sesh 2 roads over in a different park(we hid of course, incase the police drove by)
  10. Sketchiest session I've ever been a part of was at an elementary school play ground. I was sitting in the slide, the kind that are a tube, so you're totally hidden. So I was sitting in there, and my friend was up where you first get into the slide, standing up, kind of "standing guard". All of a sudden he goes "Uh, dude.. I have bad news man." and I was expecting the usual shit so I said "What?" and he's like "What time is it? Dude, is this school still going?" and I was like "It's 7pm, I dont think so.. why?" and he says, "Because there's like 200 little kids coming out of the school, with teachers .. so uh, let's go." and so I cupped my little bowl in my hand, and slid down the slide, hopped a fence, and casually walked down the street. THAT was a close one, thats for sure. Turns out, this place was like a boarding school, except not really. They did school from like 7am until 7pm or something.
  11. The type of person who would knock out an old lady, I guess. I'm too nice for that ;)
  12. Tried smoking a small J on the bus back in high school because my driver was deaf dumb and nearly blind, but i failed to realize that he had a damn good sense of smell

    He didnt know who smoked but he threatened to tell the dean and have us all interrrogated, so i just stood up and confessed. He didn't tell anyone because i was honest. So when in doubt, take the good karma route and be honest.
  13. So did you get kicked off the buss or what?
  14. Both of these stories are really funny lol
  15. mall parking lot with j everyone being like whats that smell

    mcdonalds bathroom vape lol some guy comes in you guys smokin pot? and were like uhhh no and ran
  16. "you guys smoking pot?" "Yah, wana hit this vape?" would be excellent if the world was like this:( too bad
  17. Dude, she wanted a toke!
  18. High School Before A Dance we got some Joints rolled and went to a park a few blocks away from school. We get to the spot its dark out but enough to see dark figures 30 feet away we get there and they is a bunch of people walking by seeing that we had the spot and looking for another and then 3 cars pull up in the parking lot. I'm watching the cars and my two pals are watching the other kids. Its dark and I watch the cars and 3 people get out of one car and walk to the left. ! guy gets out of the third car and leaves to his house across the street. And the other car all i hear is the door shut.
    My pals are like ok lets get High and take out the lighter, this being my 5th time im still a lil paranoid and I'm like idk hold up no one got out of the second car. So i volunteer to run out and see if some one is in the car. I jog up and i couldnt see anything. I get to a point where i car touch the hood of the car and the darkest black man i have ever seen is staring at me. I only saw him cuz he was wearing a white t shirt underneath his coat (its winter so I had a hood up so He couldnt see my face all to well) so I flip and and jog off in the opposite direction and my friends come to and as we go back to the school we see a cop car headed in that direction.
    and the best part is we stupidly go back 15 mins later light up and proceed to the dance. :cool:
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    When I was maybe 14 or so (can't quite remember; this was around 12 years ago, now), I decided I had quit smoking for good, but I can't remember why that was. Anyway, about two months after said decision, I ran into a former smoking buddy of mine. If anyone asked me now, I couldn't recall a damn thing up until the point I was crouched in the corner of one of those dumpster huts you see in certain places (If you've ever seen one, you know what I mean) with the guy, smoking out of a pipe he made from one of his old asthma inhalers. I hadn't smoked for almost six months up until this point, so my tolerance was practically a non-issue. However, the problem arose in the form of several crackheads that were walking down the alley in which the dumpster hut we had been hiding in was located. They argued for a minute or so, then waltzed into our tokin' spot. We talked for about a minute with the crackheads about various drug-related subjects, but when one of them realized we had weed, all four of them attacked us. I've taken karate and judo classes for years and, at this moment, I also realized that my smoking companion was also well-versed in taekwondo. So, after about eight seconds, we found ourselves running away as fast as we could from a bloody pile of junkies and several other people farther down the alley who had witnessed us handing the crackheads' asses to them. That was the most fucked up smoking session I've ever had, and I once smoked in a cop's house just to spite him.
  20. These stories are fucking epic. i mean we have people giving DADS bluddy lips, people beating junkies asses, and just fucking crazyness. i need to step my game up. dAmn

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