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  1. Have you ever looked up at the sky on a clear summer night, when its late and the only thing you hear are the crickets and warm breeze? I've always been so fascinated with space and how small i am in such an infinite universe. If you honestly think about it, we are so insignificant in such a massive universe! Think of all the other types of worlds that are out there. What if there's a planet that just grows weed and its just acres and acres of the most potent marijuana growing untouched. What do you guys think about when you look at the stars?  :hippie: 

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    One of my favorite things to do is go out at night and look at the stars. Good feels indeed. I too think of how vast the universe is when I look at them and what might be out there. I love to just watch stars twinkle and feel at peace with everything. It's mind blowing to think that we're just made of stardust ourselves. Maybe we're the stars' way of being able to see how magnificent they are.<span style="font-size:14px;"> All I know is that I love them lots. I live out in the country of Oregon, so it's overcast and raining much of the year, but it just makes you appreciate the summer nights that much more. Plus it's super dark and you can see a lot of them because I'm quite a ways from any city. It's not as dark as it used to be considering our small town is starting to glow a bit more with each passing year, but you can still see a shit ton of stars. I'd like to drive out to Eastern Oregon and camp sometime. Maybe once I find a boyfriend I can convince them how great the idea of blazing,  making some love and cuddling under the magnificent desert stars sounds.</span>
  3. I love, finding constellations.  Watching satellites and hopefully shooting stars.  Stars are badass
  4. I love the stars. All i can think about when i look out is how many sentient races i'm looking at at that very second. Also we're seeing directly into the past since it takes light so long to get here. Everything we see is exponentially farther back in time the farther away it is. Also i think about creation and who may have made us and their origins. Ah gettin philosophical
  5. "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
    I love stargazing - to me it represents everything I love in life. Something so simple (yet complex) is one of the most mesmerizing things a human can look at and find beauty in is available to everyone.
    I find peace in the stars, whenever I feel any kind of sadness I tend to look toward the sky for comfort and it never ceases to fail me. The sky will always be there for me.
    When I look up I dont feel small, we are a way for the cosmos to know itself and that is an infinitly large responsibility which makes it so precious.

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