Looking at clouds, becoming a kid again

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MJFarmer1, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. I just smoked some Lamb's Bread after not smoking any weed for two years.

    I sat in an open field under the sky and slow moving clouds, with the gentle cool breeze. The clouds looked like secret mountain passage ways to heaven. My attention span opened up as wide as the Earth. I was in control of myself but not separated by thoughts. I felt like I could return to a state of mind that exists before alphabets, language, jobs, and work. Distance was also effected - houses that were far away didn't feel far anymore. I felt the pull of falling into an infinite number of faces, all distractions and temptations from being balanced. I understood how human apes could get stoned and immediately create a religion to capture the feeling and insights of being high. I felt I could easily become my former self, trapped in circular thinking and a tight body. I felt I had become so serious over the past two decades that I lost touch with how straightforwardly simple I could be. The sober me knows that isn't practical in the real world because everyone wants to do their own thing. I felt a calling to return to the 90s - bright, dark humored, obvious, and in your face. I saw the internal dialog I've been having about having children vs. being a full-on hedonist and not having children. I saw how dark my world could become by being narcissistically hedonist.

    I felt like I could go full retard easily by looking at things upside down (giving top priority to the sky and outer space) and resisted the temptation to get lost in vision :)
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  2. What a read ✊
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  3. You are a mofo I'd like to smoke one with...lol. I love being out in nature (fishing, camping, hiking, biking, etc.) when I smoke. You def do start to vibe with nature when you remove all the distractions of everyday life.

    Funny you mentioned apes though. Have you ever heard of Stoned Ape theory? Pretty interesting concept...even though it's related to psilocybin and not mj.
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  4. Someone mention stoned ape?

    Nice post OP, you have a way with words.

    Welcome to Grasscity.

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  5. Agreed. He or she should do poetry or something of the like. Now I myself wanna smoke some and look at the clouds because as I read this I started feeling pulled into their experience.
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  6. Reminds me of when I was a little kid and we'd look for clouds in the sky that are shaped like things.

    I found a cool website where they have a compilation of clouds shaped like random things. My favorite has gotta be the sunset smile :p. Clouds That Look Like Things | Amusing Planet
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  7. I need to make time to do this as well - it’s been too long.

    I like sitting in my organic vegetable garden in the summer when it’s in full blown veg - just growing like crazy and all you can smell is tomatoes and broccoli and kale growing - but I don’t even take enough time these days to do this. Work/eat supper/sleep/repeat gets old quick and before you know it way too much time has passed.

    Thanks Op - and as mentioned above, welcome to GrassCity.

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  8. OK that's it...I'm gonna go sit under my tree and get stoned after reading this. I love to watch the sky for cloud shapes. Watch the sky float behind the trees...to feel a part of nature and the world.
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  9. The thing is, you’ll need to move out from under the tree to see the sky because of all the leaves...


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