Looking at an 18" Beaker-Style RooR... have some questions

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Well, this is my first post, and it's a question about a bong I saw recently.

    It was at a small shop in Toronto, and the bong was an 18" beaker-shaped Roor. It had an orange label, I'm not sure how thick the glass was, but it had a diffuser on the downstem, and had an ice-catcher. To be honest, the bong looked great, it had a squiggly line, which I understand to be the blower's mark, and it just felt like a well made piece. The price tag was $120.

    The first thing I thought was that it had to be fake... it just seems to cheap for what I know to be the normal range for a new RooR. The clerk said it was an American made RooR.

    I'm really confused, because I just don't know if the whole thing is legit and a good deal or it's an imitation and I'm gonna get gipped.

    My question to you all, is, is this deal to good to be true? Or is this a normal price I should expect for this type of bong?

    I could get a photo of it tomorrow.

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Sounds pretty good. Orange is usually 3.2mm.. You can get them online for about $150-170 usd. There are such things as american made roors. A pic would help, but it sounds legit.
  3. Thanks man, appreciate it!
  4. Pretty sure it's a fake. There is a headshop near me that has the same bong you just described and it is 100% fake. My forest green label 14" roor was $140 and its a straight tube, so i highly doubt that you would find a beaker bottom for cheaper than that, especially in Canada.
  5. Definitely get a shot up of it if you can. Price sounds too good to be true, esp. for a beaker bottom.
  6. RooЯ.us label colors mean nothing.
  7. truth.

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