looking at a new car 06 STi

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 15, 2006.

  1. well yesterday after i got my prom tux, i stopped at the suby dealer. i was looking at an 06 wrx STi. 300 whp stock. very nice car. im going back on thursday to test drive it. the price tag is high but hey its nice to dream. i REALLY like STi's. i havent driven one but i will thursday. since they give you the keys for a few hours i think im gonna see how fast i can make it to the VT boarder and back. the dealer is almost in enfield CT. so anyone that knows the area knows that vt is a good hour drive. im shooting for 20 mins. a 2.5L turbo charged could easily do it provided i dont encounter any staties.

    mmm i really like the idea of driver controled center differential. provies for better traction control. also when i sat in one yesterday i notieced theres an intercooler spray. mm plus its a 6 speed. im gonna have fun whippin this baby around :D :D :D
  2. yea i agree with you STI's are an awesome car. the only thing that i cant stand with them is the new front end.. it looks horrible, but i think the 300 all wheel horsepower will make me forget about that.
  3. the new front end is alittle weird, but the bhp and how u can adjust brake power to front and rear, plus how the turbine is coold is really neat, my dads thinkin about gettin one, i hope he does.
  4. If you get the car you will have to posts some pics.

    I love Sti's, such a nice car. I would kill to have one.
  5. transfer tourqe between front and rear, not brake power.

    can you say speeding ticket haven? im going to see if i can top it out on the test drive... see and if i break it, i buy it, thats not such a bad thing. :D

  6. your gonna need a Valentine1 for that ride, I dont leave home without mine.:D

    Not such a fan of the STI's, so played out...... there are so many other cars that are just as sick if not sicker, with even more potential, for less money. But hey if money is no issue its a nice car to have.
  7. My friends sisters boyfriend got a blue one about 6 months ago. It looks and drives like a toy. I almost died in it too. Just missed a bunch of trees.
  8. Screw an STi get an EVo they are so much nicer and have gone faster and have better support for aftermarket modifications.
  9. i love STI's, dont get me wrong, but a lot of them fry their transmissions for some reason. go to some STI forums and read on how they break at 400hp and shit, which is barely any more than stock if you throw some bolt ons on it. id much rather get a evo because i have seen a AMS dyno run video, where a 903 AWHP 2.3L stroked Lancer EVO was tearing the dyno up, yet it had a stock tranny. BONE stock transmission aside from the clutch.
  10. i love EVo's but they are more money. plus they dont have some of the feats you find in the STi's such as 6 speed, DCCD, and the evo has 275 hp and its a 2.0... STi is a 2.5 and has 300 hp and 300 ft/lb tourqe.

    plus the price difference is quite a bit. plus IMO i like the way the sti looks over the evo. BOTH nice cars though

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