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  1. Ok guys I legit can't think of another way to ask a bunch of stoners about this then to come on here. Once upon a time I got a new dab rig and since then my dog has broken it. I've returned to the shop I found it and other around my town but none of them have had it bad in stock or been able to find this piece. So i am coming to you to ask if anyone knows a site selling this dab rig. I've found some very similar but the downstem in mine was removable and others differ with downstem that are not able to be removed. I am just looking for the rig itself in the photo I have added a catcher and new nail those are not. Any help would be appreciated I definitely would love to find a new dab rig like my other one.
  2. Man newbies need to learn to spell on these forums man. Just cause we're usually high doesn't mean we can read bad English. I can't see you photo so I can't help you sorry.

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