Lookin sick, not sure why....

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  1. I have these little guys in veg under 6 CFL's just to keep them going. Cuttings from a much larger crop, just brought these home and put them in a grow cabinet. I have them in cocoa and added a little organic food called Earth Juice. Next thing you know, they look shitty..... I have flushed them twice with ph's water and they just get worse....

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  2. I bet they are root bound. try transplanting them.
  3. Someone gave me a Sunflower plant a few months ago that was about a 3 feet tall and in a cup that size..I don't understand why people leave a big plant in a small container......put it in a bigger pot.
  4. I would bet the ones in the small cups are root bound, the one in the large pot may not have that problem, but they all look over watered as well.

    The ones in the cups look pretty stretched too.
  5. Root bound.......... I am not disagreeing, obviously those are small.

    But that's not the only answer, plants can and do survive very well like that as I have seen many times and of my own. Actually flowered all the way through in a small cup and had one fat colla 14" tall.

    One of the sick ones is in an over sized pot and it is doing the same thing.

    The common denominator here is this 'organic earth juice' that I have never used and thought it was something missing from their formula. Sort of looks like a phosphorus deficiency.

    I was hoping someone would recognize a deficiency or other problem or have a solution for bringing them back.

    Only over watering is currently due to flushing. Besides that I have a very good handle on the wet dry cycle.
  6. Sounds like you know whats going on with them man. Good luck with it, I hope they turn around for ya.

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