lookin good this year!!!!!

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  1. pics of my ladies!!

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  2. grew em using nothin but stored rainwater, 10-10-10 ferts, and compost!! going to apply tiger bloom as soon as the bitches start flowering!
  3. bumpkin,
    lookin good, seem very healthy and robust like...
    what size/strains are these girls?
    Is that a stony santa in ur pic?
  4. Nice job man! Clearly you are on your way to victory. What kinda strains you got there?
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    Looks good, The only thing I can see is you may want to pick off any leafs that touch the ground when the plant is wet. You don't want those leafs laying in that grass. It a good way for mold to form. I would also pull all that grass away from around your plant. You want good air flow around your plants. Besides that it looks killer man.

    Edit: I see the road out front and see your camo now. Still get thos leafs off the wet grass. It's a sure way to get Powderly mildew if not. IMO

    Plants still stretching huh? Expect another foot or two maybe? No?
  6. yeah ive been meanin to get out there and weedeat just havent had the time. the one in the 1st 2 pics is almost 8 ft tall and the other one is about 4 and a half ft tall, i grew the latter in a 5 gallon bucket and cut the bottom out and just put her in the ground a week ago. She was startin to outgrow the container. I dont know what kind of strains they are. I always use seeds from the best sacs i get throughout the year, and i have a strain that my daddy grew for years but its out in the boonies and havent got a pic of her. Now that im hip to this website and learned that i can get seeds ordered and delivered relatively safe and cheap, im gonna get me some for next yr. ive just found out about these autoflowers so im gonna give them a try next season. the guy in my pic is johnny boone from the cornbread mafia. if you havent heard the story, google it. yeah both of em are pretty camoed at this point. Just countin down the days. If you guys have any guesses on what these strains are i would love to know.
    keep growin til its grown,


  7. yeah i say they will grow another ft. usually by now they're already budding. this is one of the latest yrs ive ever had. ive seen one lil bud bout the size of a quarter, so im guessin it will be any day now. I just hope i dont have to wait til halloween this yr. i hate when it goes that late. its alot of work coverin em for frost and leafblowin every mornin cuz of the dew.
  8. They look lovely. I have one that has barely showed pre-flowers that I worry I will have to protect from frost. I'm hoping we don't get any frost early this year. We are in a heat wave now so worrying about frost sure seems silly at the moment. :)
  9. yeah going late into the season really blows. it's a lot of work already, and dealing with the frost just adds to the frustration. Where i'm at we have seen a dramatic change in temperature the past week or so. It's already gettin down to the 50's! And like i said, if anybody has a guess to what strains these are, i'm all ears.
  10. Damn, I am getting worried about my second plant freezing now, she hasn't started flowering yet and I can't tell when she will be either she is so bushy, it really is a different strain to grow. I can't really be sure strain wise yet, but keep us posted for when it buds though.
  11. Pull the fan leaves
  12. Ummmmmm....... No.
  13. Weeding always takes me forever, all the wild plants love my soil mixes lol
  14. IMO bad advice.

  15. terrible advice. plants need those. well good news! the ladies are all preflowered up and i started the countdown today. I have rabbit shit, fox farms big bloom, big bud, and tiger bloom. Started today with the rabbit poo, ff, and tiger bloom. Gonna give it a couple of weeks before i start the big bud. i'll post pics tomorrow. I weedeated finally to give her some room and i even yanked up a couple of veggies around her. Over here at bumpkins house, we are all systems go time!:D IS IT OCT YET??:smoke:
  16. Het guys im trying to upload some pics safely. Should i use photobucket or?? I posted those first 3 and i felt kind of sketchy doing it the way i did. Us hillbillies are not too good with cpu's :). Anyway im trying to show how much big bud and molasses help your buds swell. I took a pic last night and tonight and its already doubled in size almost. First time ive ever tried any chemical ferts and i have to be honest.... Quite impressed this greenthumb is:)! Anyways il load pics when i find out how to safely! Thanks guysz
  17. All I ever do is take the pics with my 35ml camera, transfer 'em to my pc and upload with the attachment feature on the advanced reply. Only 1 time it wouldn't upload. hope this helps, and no don't pull any leaves unless they are dead or dying (IMO)
  18. Beautiful plants man!
  19. ready to see what you got there kuntry!!
  20. Umm, what happened to the pics? And Kuntry, photobucket links to your facebook page if you use the same e-mail, and on some forums it will link automatically, therefore showing the entire world who you are. It's better, for what it's worth to just upload them in house.

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