lookin for some kind heads

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by reggiesc44, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. moving to fort collins colorado the first of may. Im looking to meet some "kind heads" and just some people to chill with and smoke out with. Im a 20yrd old student thats just a chilled out laid back hippy. I get along with just about everyone and can keep things interesting and fun.

    one love
  2. Welcome to GC! Lookin for kind heads? well you came to the right place, thats for damn sure.

    Dont forget to read the stickies!:bongin:
  3. thanks for the warm welcome

    *what are stickies?
  4. welcome to the city.

    stickies are all the posts that Admins/Mods have made about the City, such as rules and stuff.
  5. Welcome to the City!
    If I was in Coloroda, I'd totally hit you up. But i'm not...so sorry
    But welcome anyways..:smoking:

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