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  1. I started germination on Wed of this week of four strains. WWAUTO, BLUEWIDOW,CALI HASH, Haze 2.0. I purchased some peat pellets thought it might be a lil betther than rockwool plus If I decide to do one organic I still have that option. Theyve been down for two days n looks like Haze 2.0 will be the first to come up. Im a lil worried because I use flows at night but let them sit in the Sun in the day its usually 100 here in the summer, before you all gripe about the heat Ive grown 3 beast all accidental seed discharge think that furthers my point. I did not feed them didnt even know they were there. However I am aware that the heat can dry up pellet so Ive been keeping them moist by pour about a water bottle cap full of reverse osmosis water in them. The reason for my concern is because when I use the paper towel method I usually see sprouts within two days no problem I never grew them I just was curious. Well now Im actually attempting a complete grow yet whn i try the suggested way with these pellets seems to be taking longer. Im wondering If i watering too much? My theory is what better light can there be than the Sun but seems i have to continually water. I initially diluted some light light lightweight nutes which can be used for seedlings n i have another of just pure osmosis water. I could use any help yu all may have.

    I have recently found a botanicare microgarden and a 600w hps. Ive heard 1000 times for me not to use a system on my first go round but been around growers over 15 years and know general stuff but am looking for the meat not the milk if you know what I mean and I want elbows not ziplocks. So lets get it krackin

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  2. They could be drying out or you fried it in the heat..you should just keep them inside till they break surface..I always soak the seed overnight and it usually cracks open the next day then put it in paper towel till the root it poking out then plant 1/4" down
  3. well the peat has never fully dried its alwayys retained some moisture n when I notice I add enough to get it to the moisture I am looking for
  4. Your giving them full daylight for half a day when they are seeds? Or did I read that wrong?

    If you are, thats probably the problem :(

    Seedlings need no nutrients(they have em built in), usually they do more harm than good when its still seedling.

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