Lookin for a fruity indoor strain, need help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by primativezen, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I'm about to start an indoor LST soil grow with some floro's and am debating what strain to get.

    I was going to clone an outdoor plant of mine from this summer, but all of my plants got stolen...so now it looks like I'm gonna have to buy some seeds...

    I'm looking for something with an awesome fruity taste? Anybody grow anything that just tasted fantastic??

    Right now I'm thinking about getting Somango, anyone have experience with it?
  2. Hey Bro, normally any skunk will taste real fruity. Some of the main strains that taste real good are:Shiva skunk,white widow,sour d,bubblegum,blueberry,bubbleberry, ulimate indica, peak 19, these are just some I have personal experience with. There are hundreds of great tasting buds soooooo. Hope my list will help in you're decision.:hello:
  3. Skunk #11 looks tasty. As does Jack Herer (expensive though) and Stawberry Cough.

    Have you grown any of the ones you listed personally or just smoked them? If so what'd you think about them in terms of high, yield and ease of growth?
  4. I'm growing skunk #11 at the minute and I'm switching to 12/12 tomorrow. They haven't even begun flowering yet but the smell is nice and fruity in the room, something I didn't expect. For a Sativa dominant strain under HPS lighting the strain is growing suprisingly bushy and has branched out very well from no training other than topping once. Looks like I could have a good little yield.
  5. I love me some grapefruit. real fluffy and sticky as hell. good stuff
  6. I grew a strain called Heavy Duty Fruity which fill the grow room with a beautiful fruity smell, the smell was like berries and grape, so strong had had to change my carbon filter to a larger one unfortunately I didn't get to taste it (this plant is very sensitive and I over fed it...it didn't make it:devious:), but visited a grow with Blubbery, the grow room was stink of this stuff and was offered some after cured ,maaaan daam that was a good high and the taste was very fruity and the bud sticky...icky...ooooweee .This plant I heard is a strong strain and will sure give you that smell you want.
  7. Hey Bro, I have grown white widow it is a pretty easy plant to grow indoors in hydroponic systems. Real fruity and for me had reality merging with dreams. Almost trippy in some cases. Does not like to be topped, it will seriously comp yield of you try topping. Same exact goes with shiva skunk,almost the same strain. Peak 19 is from sagarmatha seeds and I tell you what if you like a trippy high than that is the plant for you. When I grew peak 19 it was only 6 plants in ebb and flow system with 2/600w lights and the yield is not very large. Atleast not as large as white widow and shiva skunk. Sour d I am growing right now and I tell you what it is becoming a favorite for me man. Really stinky, really big, I let mine veg for 2 1/2 months before inducing onset and in an ebb and flow system with 1000w lights its a monster, it will easily be 6ft tall. Havent tried topping with this strain yet so dont know if they take to it well or not. Sour d is easy to grow. As for bubbleberry my brother grew it and said best taste, best looking, great high, but not alot of yield. I personally have not got the chance to grow it but it is on my list. Bubblegum from serious seeds is a great plant to grow as well. Grows in like a tree format and I tell you it loves to be topped. You can easily have 6-8 top colas without compromise. If I remember right though its not very good with humidity. I could be wrong but its been a while since Ive grown bubble gum. As for blueberry there are so many strains of blueberry its hard to tell which strain is what so I never messed with it but as for taste if grown outdoors it has a real heavy high and will have you relaxing in no time and tastes like blueberry yogurt honestly. My personal favorites as for growing and taste and yields and just all around best for me is shiva skunk,white widow,peak 19, and sour d. And in no particular order. Hope I could help.:hello:
  8. Alright, looks like I've got a lot of researching and looking around to do! Thanks everybody for your help, I should be starting a grow journal sometime soon.

    Right now I'm looking at: Peak 19, Skunk #11, Somango, and Bubbleberry

  9. Hey Bro, good luck in your decision all look like good choices and you shouldnt be disapointed in any of those strains. Keep us posted on your journal.:wave:
  10. Mr Nice limited edition mango's (last years limited editions) supposedly have a fruity taste that's different than others. cant say for a fact tho never used em. can get it off cannabean.com or seedbay i would bet.

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