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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Toejam, May 23, 2003.

  1. I am an experienced grower but I have always used from what I got. I tried a mail order once years ago. Got 10 seeds w/ o% germ rate. $100 smaks down th drain. Anyway, I was needing sum sugs on strains methinks i will give the mail order anuder chance. I live @ 37 deg North Lat. Summers are hot long n dry but I got a sweet spot I like to use(outdoors by the way) can't mess w/ sativa mature takes too long runs into hunting season. Need sumthin in Sept. early Oct. Any gurillas out here w/ sum info? Thx Toejam
  2. MAsterKush, but you had better hurry. Its getting pretty late to start planting.
  3. thx Big Poppa,
    I already have my crop in the ground for this year. I'm trying to get things in order for next year, never too early to plan for the next batch tho. I'm floating the idea round for the gurilla's feedback to see what works good and see if there is a certain strain that is predominant to the climate. Don't have the luxury of growing indoors:( How far south are we talkin bout if you don't mind me askin? Similar climate? What kind of yeilds r u gettin w/ Masterkush? How much maintenance? My spot is as safe as you can get for outdoor but the fewer trips the better. What has been the male/female ratio in your experience? Are they available in 100% female to negate that trip?
    Peace Toejam

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