Lookie what i got last night :D

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. Last night there was the blackout so im like nice no light= lots of HPS that are off :) so my friends come over we dress up in dark clothes i grab some tools and headed to a place i knew there ,was, a nice little hps mountred about 8 feet high on a wall. Cars kept driving buy so progress was off and on. I pulled the bulb out first so i didnt break it while i was puling down the box. Then pulled the reflector off and unscrewed the box. Me and my frined gutted the box and threw the corpse in the dumpster. After half an hour we walked away with a 150W 120 220 240 :D watt hps setup! Now theres just a romex cable hanging from a hole in the wall :)

    Later last night i went alone to a place and tried to steal these big ass 600(?) watt lights that lit a playground it wa one of those brown boxes that are all over lighting up parking lots. I was on a 45 degree roof hanging off the edge trying to cut the wire. the plan was to cut the wire and tie the wire to the gutter then rip the fixture down adn pull the fixture up by the wire. After realizing what would happen if i fucked up and fell 2 1/2 storys with no one to help e if i fell im like "screw this it snot worth it". Im leaving them for another day when i need lights that big, my friend and i will be making a grow in his 5x5 closet but at first the 150 will work because he cant have the grow use up all the space, he needs somewhere to sit/stand to take care of the plants and needs a veg box so the 150 should do well.

    What..... who's looting?

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  2. someone pulled a serious jack move lol i hope u didnt steal it from someones biz, if it was from the city thats alrite, but if u jacked a biz owner, think about his expenses. other than that, put that bad boy to work! gl
  3. Na man, have respect its from a school and lit up a dumpster in a dark corner, well at least it used to :D.
  4. lol, dayum guerilla grower!
  5. you should of kept the housing for the heat sink part so the transformer would run cooler but it will still work but it will get very hottttt so find something to mount everything to like metal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck
  6. I kept the bracket that wraps around it. Im going to screw that to a piece of plate alluminum elevated by studs with tubes as washers to keep the fire risk down. It will keep the ballast in a nice tight box, Out of the way and safe from shocks.

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