Looked great..thats it

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sherlock Clones, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Anyone here ever have a plant they thought was a real winner till it was cut down.
    Last year i started a bag seed of unknown origin..grew like a mini xmas tree. I named it Unknown Hinson and said to gf that it had perfect structure..well cut er down dried and cured it and was very unhappy with it..ever happen to ya'll?
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  2. Wondering what was dis satisfactory about it?
    When you say bagseed, do you mean like you got it from some weed you bought? How was the weed?
  3. Plant structure was excellent.
    Smoke was flavorless, no kick at all.
  4. The weed it came from was good..
  5. Good cure has a lot to do with flavor over dry it and it can fk your smell and flavor.
  6. No kick could be lot of variables early harvest for 1
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  7. Nah not one this one..just was lackluster
  8. Did you wet trim it? Or dry it to fast in general? If you probably cured it and everything probably just shit genes
  9. Properly cured”
  10. Id say shit genes..dry trim, hung in dark with proper humidity...all other strains in same drying curing area were good...to bad..plant was awesome lookin

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