Lookah Seahorse Max review

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Headhunterpipes, Dec 28, 2022.

  1. Lookah Seahorse MAX 950mAh Vaporizer Kit $84.95 (elementvape.com)
    I have had one for a couple years , not wild about buying the replacement tips.
    I just order another nice to be able to soak/clean the glass piece in alcohol.
    rating between 1 to 10
    Portability my rating is a 7 it holds water but damn near spill proof.
    But its not a pocket rig.
    User friendly operates like vape pen. If you operate it like instructions suggest it works great.
    You get greedy and plunge the tip into jar of live resin in when the coils are not operating temp and you will plug the tip.
    I make my own live resin.
    The tips, Ya i have gone through 30 or 40 0f them over the last 2 years.
    I have tried cleaning them Alcohol but it screws up the coil /
    Coils are a pain ,,, I give the coil/tip a 5

    Over all a 7 or 8 rating .............
    I would like buy a home electric heat controlled dab rig but know one to buy .

    Thanks for reading my review .
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  2. Yeah ! I love this thing !
    It ROCKS! The battery on it is outstanding !
    And if you did not already know this, you can screw on a Vape Cart and it works great.
    I take the glass part off as you don't need it, and the killer battery on the seahorse gives me the biggest hits, much better than the standard cart battery you get at the shops.
    Also lasts forever as a cart battery !
    Cheers !
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  3. I just got my 3rd seahorse max in. first one I dropped once to many times.
    I wanted a extra if I was charging the other one . one purple one is limited edition Gold

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