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Look what the cat drug up!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 22, 2002.


    Look at what the cat left at the door, a big old dirty nasty wore out OFFF by the name of BPP!!

    Hope every is glad to see me come back and I hope to check in here more often now. And I'm glad too see that evryone here is still alive and kicking. I fresh back in town from a trip down the Jeff Davis Memorial Highway and I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

    OK now all that warm and fuzzy stuff is out of the way please catch me up on all the news that fit to read. Too many posts for me to try to scan through them all. I did see that Alabama is kicked Oklahoma's ass in basketball. I guess that makes up for the loss in football but right now we will play you again Smoky. But not to lose focus, its IRON BOWL weekend baby and The Tide gets to stomp Auburn's ass once again. So let me say ROLL TIDE!!!

    What strange and new stories do you have for us Poppa??? I can hear you whisper. Not much my children, not much. Karma has been good to me by blessing me with the best full moon in ages this week, even though it did make me wake up at 3:00 am Monday morning to watch the meteor shower, (which was well worth the early rise). About the only strange thing to happen to me this month is on my trip back from Nashville earlier. I was headed down the road, listening to the golden oldies station and Frankie Valli and the four sesaons came on. "Walk like a man" was the tune which always seemed ironic to me since Frankie always sounded like a girl with his soprano voice. I was hitting a small little twisty (well actually it was a hog leg) when I see a big vehicle coming around me in the other lane.

    Was it a truck? a bird? a plane? superman?

    No my children it was the Oscar Myer weinermobile! Now imagine if you will, driving 65, listening to girly voice singing about being a man and then a 50 foot hot dog passes by. I thought I was in the twilight zone. Dazed and confused, dazed abd confused.

    Have a good weekend and just say no to drugs!


  2. LMAO!!! Good to see you're doing well BPP. Glad that karma has been good to ya!! Don't be such a stranger if ya can help it!!
  3. Hey big brother. I've been wondering where you've been. I asked if anyone herd from you a couple days ago..

    You better watch out for those weiner trucks. I've herd of people wrecking with them and getting dogs up their ass...LOL

    I hope to see ya around here real soon.. Samantha is saying hi. I can't get her to say Hi BPP though.
  4. Hey BPP...I'm new around here, but seen your posts and always get a chuckle at your dog eh? who do they pay to drive those things...and how much do they make?? They'd have to pay me quite a bit to drive around lookin like a moron in a hotdog....

    Glad to hear lifes bein good to you, and look forward to reading more of your tales from the Twilight Zone...!
  5. lol. i'd drive one of those things... that is... if i could drive (legally ;)). i'd probably be a little confused if i saw a 50 foot hotdog drive past me... then i'd sing that song that's on all those comercials :)
  6. I'm so happy all the good karma I sent found its way to you...........and you didnt even have to hide in a cave!!!!! LOL. Hope you get to chat a lil more with us!!!!!!
  7. HIGH All, *LOL* the Oscar Myer weinermobile!!! I havn't seen or heard that in a long time.

    Hope your having a great weekend too BPP.

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