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Look what the cat drug in!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Meow, meow!!!!!!!!!! The big hairy tomcat just snuck back in and sprayed down the sofa again to mark his territory!!!

    Just stopped in to say hey gang! I'm between vacation and work and training and going back out of town again for work all of next week so I won't be to be picked on then ;)

    Missed you all so much and have a few good stories to tell. Don't let me go by without hashing them over with you.

    BPP's trip to the Bahama's

    #1 was assigned a table to eat dinner every night. The other couple we shared the table with were a school teacher and a COP! yeah a fucking cop!! i got tiired of hearing cop stories.

    #2 pot in Bahama's cost $45 a quarter oz, glad I brought my own.

    #3 got to see the Prime Minister of Bahama's during my shore visit to Nassau.

    #4 MOST, but not all teenage kids are a pain in the ass. The exceptions are the ones who say the hell with the rules and drink and smoke.

    #5 Big Poppa was not made to be cooped up with 3000 people for 4 days.

    #6 I liked watching the shooting stars and lightening at night time.

    #7 US Customs SUCK!!!

    PS: because I'm very limited to my internet time this week, please bump up or PM me any threads or post that need one of my smart-ass comments.

    And I'm glad to be back among my friends here.
  2. Sounds like your keepin' busy!! I've noticed you've not been doin your same amount of harrassment as usual. Summer's a scream for all of us, I guess!
    That's a real drag on the cop thing, too! I basically hate cops.....................I know - bad, bad, no hate............can't help it.
    Good luck on the rest of your adventure, and we'll be waiting here to hear all about it!!
  3. Here has been schedule lately

    Kids go to granny's house

    a week later, BPP and the MRs go on a second honeymoon.

    Get off honeymoon, pick up kids in FLA, and drive 85 mph to get home.

    Get home, catch a few winks and go to work. See a pile of work 8 feet thick waiting, and dive in on Monday. EVeryone at the plant stops by to say hello and ask "how was your trip, tell some of your crazy stories" (see this is really how I am in the real world as well)

    Tuesday, go out of town for a project and drive 500 miles in one day.

    Wed (today) Repeat of Monday

    Thursday: back out again at a Government conference, attedance mandatory

    Friday: Repeat Monday

    Saturday: Work at the house getting everything fixed, mowed, cleaned, etc.

    Sunday: Go out of town again for another project

    MTWTF: working in the field!!

    And see, you thought all I did at work was play around at the 'City.
  4. DAMN!!! (Congrats on the 2nd honymoon thing - your wife sounds wonderful and seems she's pretty lucky to have you, too!!) All work and no long as you get to relax when you do get away you're ok. Good luck, BPP!!
  5. I'll shoot that nasty cat the next time i see it. Dragging these disgraceful humans in the house, How dare that cat!!!LOL

    Glad to here you vacation was a sucsess! I hope momma puff had a good time. All that you talked about was YOU. Momma Puff needs to talk to us so we will know about her happiness or maybe regrets.LOL

    Have a great day my friend!

  6. With the kids gone for two weeks she was all alone with me for that amount of time. I think she was glad for the kids to come back and to get a break from me. Her hormones tend to get the best of me and it was easy to catch her in that little room. She needs the rest to recurperate her tired body!
  7. BPP did you go on a cruise? i went on one to Mexico a few weeks ago, and we got sat at a table with a Russian-American family, who would speak in Russian almost the whole time... very polite, and nice, but we kept wondering WHICH ONE OF US they were talking SHIT about the whole time LOL
    at least we weren't sat with a cop...

    $45 for a quarter oz? i could only dream of prices like that, which is why we've cut back bigtime in the phishheads houshold.

    anyway i think it's great that you got to get away & go on a 2nd honeymoon! that's so sweet so congrats on it and i'm glad you had the chance to go :)

  8. Even good women need a rest every now and then! lol

  9. Yeah we went on a cruise. I ventured out into the Land of Republicans, very tame vacation for me but I enjoyed some very private moments with the wife. But sitting with a policeman wasn't one of them. I had expectations of a floating Bourbon Street, New Orleans, with wet T-shirt contest, drunken debauchary, ladies laying out topless, dancing till the sun came up. But what I got was the mall on a saturday night

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