Look what showed up in my compost pile

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  1. I got a fortune cookie yesterday that said, "you will receive a gift soon". Like I haven't seen that before.
    Today, the wife is working in the compost pile and look what she found.....
    Compost pile bud 2.jpg
    After a little trimming and snail picking, here is what we have trimmed bud.jpg
    I have no idea what variety it is, but it could be Big Bud X White Widow X ICE.
    No seeds in it though....

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    Nice find! :hello: What do you think 5 grams or so dried out?
  3. I trimmed it up and weighed it and it's 8 grams wet, so 2 or 3 grams dried, but still a very cool find.
  4. ahah guess you got lucky!
  5. I pulled another volunteer out of the compost pile last June. It probably would have been 5 or 6 ft tall if I'd let it grow. I had my limit of 6 plants (OMMP in Oregon) so I didn't want to risk that extra plant, plus I wasn't sure how stable the genetics would be coming from a cross with a hermie. Apparently it turned out all right.
    It's amazing that you can walk by something several times a day and not notice this rather distinctive plant poking it's head out of the weeds. I'm very interested in how the finished bud will turn out. It was very frosty and sticky when I cut it down, tons of trichomes.
  6. Great find! Now you know its good compost for sure :smoking:
  7. That is awesome! Sweet find. Probably be your best stuff. Lol. Checked out your medicine, looks wonderful!

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  8. Luckily it was female otherwise you could have had issues.

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  9. You got that right! Plus there is at least one major grower on my little side street. I think he knows what he's doing, but he's tending at least 24 plants which makes me a little nervous. You can smell his shit all the time. That's Oregon for you, there's a bunch of medical marijuana growers in our little town. And, for better or worse it'll probably be legalized in November.
  10. Hey that's pretty awesome. But I really came in here because I saw the cover of Outsideinside, which rules.
  11. I wish i had that kind of luck.
  12. Shes definetly a keeper

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