Look What I Made! (not plastic bong)

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by kanibal rabbit, May 13, 2010.

  1. its a slide/bowl holder. keeps my bowls in place while I stack em with kief weed and oil. it started out as a bubbler project but it didnt pan out, so I just started using it to load bowls.

    today I decided to paint it. it was my first attempt at a finish like this. then I decided to hit up moms jewelry scraps to give a dash of ghost. since I love but cant afford his work.:p

    it may not have been intentional, but I actually like how it gives an otherwise smooth surface some texture.:cool:

    once I get restocked on supplies im going to make me one for my 18.8 slides.
    hope you all enjoyed looking.:smoking:
  2. looks like some kind of mole or beaver from hell...nice job though man, commend the creativity
  3. lol yeah even I dont know what kinda critter that would have been. I started out thinking teddy bear skull, but kinda ran off in a another direction since my only tools were my hands and a pencil.:smoking:
  4. gopher? name it Ted
  5. thats sick bro!! and creative be sick if the whole thing was a slide...:smoking:
  6. ted would be my dream slide.:love:
  7. lol dope lookin avitar...:smoking:
  8. thats so sick haha nice job:cool:
  9. llol, when i first saw the pic i couldnt stop laughing because i thought you had straight cut off a squirrel's head and wrapped it in tin foil, i guess.... thats not really something that should make people laugh:)

    anyways thats pretty cool. id probably make somethin like that
  10. that's ill. whats it made out of?
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    I actually know of an artist who does amazing things with animal carcasses. the stuff she does with cats is down right mind blowing. id buy one but my living cats might run away from home.:p
    do not click if this sorta thing offends you. the animals arent killed for the purpose of art. she just recycles what would otherwise rot into nothing. I wouldnt mind being preserved after I die.
    its made out of air dry clay. the paint is a combination of airbrush paint, copper enamel, and water color.
  12. cool, you really did a nice job, it does remind me of a ghost piece. you've definitely got some artistic talent.
  13. thanks for the compliment.:smoking:
  14. i just checked out the link you posted, and as a fellow artist, i respect that womans work

    but wearing a squirel head necklace? thats just fucking gross and weird lol, like seriously

    p.s. great job on the sculpture, you should deff develop that concept and try again at a bubler. and were you going to give it horns or something? whats the pointy gold part above the right eye?
  15. Wow man great work. +rep
  16. yeah some of her work is too grotesque for my tastes. fascinating none the less.

    yeah its a horn.:smoking:

    thanks again everyone.
  17. Creativity at its finest:)
  18. That is b'dass all hell. +Rep for the badassery.
  19. ballin as shit + rep
  20. Sick!!!!

    Life is a rat race...we all have treasure in our eyes...we are all really dead.

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