Look what I just ordered...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by GorillaFarmer, May 25, 2009.

  1. Very nice line-up dude, the Dutch passion Blueberry is my favorite strain ever!
  2. i wanna see how that kings kush turns out, grape mixed with OG kush sounds like a nasty mix :)
  3. Yeah that has to be my second fav on the list from the description. But cheesus is by far my favorite. Mostly because of the name.
  4. What's up gorilla? I found your thread and thought I'd share that I just ordered 5 cheesus seeds and 1 whiteberry. I'm anxious as hell to grow the cheesus seeds too bad I have to finish my current gro although I'm pumped for these violator kush girls to fill out!
  5. yea i would love to sell cheesus to my customers hehe. hey fearbubba i just started a femmed white berry and its awseome, its growing pretty good.
  6. i ordered some white berry too, glad to hear its going good so far

    mm was lookin at that kandy kush too, nice picks gorilla

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