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Look what I just got!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Zosimus, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Ha just got this stuff. Im about to go to mars.

  2. lol, fuckin right:hello:
  3. dude posting pictures of that herb weighed and ready for distribution is only asking for shouldn't even be packaging that herb until sale anyways!!!

    Check your local and state laws there may be mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana distribution and with that picture and all those individually weighed bags youre never going to get out of that shit.

    Be smart and stay safe children!

  4. Exactly this is just asking for trouble.
  5. He never stated he was going to distribute it.
  6. Yes, but he does have it all bagged out in what looks like 10 or 20 bags, and an eighth or a quarter too. Keep it in a jar. When your friends come over that youre going to "lend some bud to" then you can package it out. I dont keep any ziplock bags in my house cause i have a little plant and dont wanna get fucked if the shit hits the fan
  7. if they're in the kitchen, where they should be (they're for sandwiches, in case you forgot) you'd be fine.... aside from the plant...
  8. ya if ur growing in a hosue and they find ziplok bags u wont get busted for traffikin or however u spell it cuz most people have bags for u knwo sandwiches and other food liek he said above lol

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