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Look What I Got

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iseesmurfs420, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. I wont be dry for a while :) I picked it up for 100 bucks.

    Attached Files:

  2. cant really tell but it looks pretty schwaggy. but good job on the score god i need it to be tommarrow so i can get me some more weed.
  3. Ya the shit on the right isnt that good but it still gets you high. The shit sacked out on the left is some hella good shit. Its some type of purple because I see some purple in it.
  4. All of that weed is bad.

  5. yea....but who knows it might be the pic doubt it though...

  6. No, I'm pretty sure about this one.
  7. Ya the shit on the right isnt that good but 3 bowls will get you high. The shit on the left is good but ive had much better. Im getting some more this week. Ill post a pic its way better quality.
  8. 3 bowls to get high? Eeeew. Two puffs and high is much more my style. I cant say I've seen anything that looked like what's on the right that wasn't oregano. But then again, it might be really shake-infested?
  9. reality check:

    all weed is not dank

    with that said, i think you have a great little batch iseesmurfs. i hope that you get lots of enjoyment from it.

  10. aye well said. congrats on the bud:)
  11. lol. At least he has weed. I guess from an optimistic side of view, It's a whole lot better than my big bag full of air! Ah yes, fear my air for it is danky! :D

    Plus, dank doesnt get me as high as seeded weed!
    Why? Hell if I know. I've had better seeded shit than kb my entire life.

    Edit- I wasn't attempting to sound like an ass; it's my cynical and pessimistic, hateful's not something I can handle under stress while sober. :( I guess that's one of the big changes I'm trying to make: not being so pessimistic...

    If I can't live life well sober, who's to say I can live it any better when I'm not sober? I don't know...
  12. 'ats the spirit!

    everyone smoke marijuana!
  13. As long as it gets you baked, I say CHEERS!!
  14. i've never had seeded weed. sounds dirty but at least you can plant 'em, right?
  15. By all means I dont care if you trash it. I usually get much better bomb. But the reason I posted was becasue I got it for cheap. Didnt mean to start little arguments :) Well im gonna cook with the shit on the right. That will be fun :)
  16. even tho its not the greates bud czar that doesnt mean u have to trash it so horribly. lighten up

  17. You didnt start anything. He started it. You never said, look at this kill bud i just picked up!!!

    He trashes everyones weed, for no reason.
    Some people shouldnt be on here unless theyre high. Im even questioning if theyd be civil then.

    People are posting pics of their bud/pieces because they want to show people, not because they want their bud ragged on or their fav pipe called "gay" for whatever reason. Theres no reason to be such assholes, calm your shit and if you dont like what theyve got, click the back button and move on. Poeple got enough problems they dont wanna be hearing your bullshit about how you got better bud or a nicer piece then them, and it does nothing but cause problems and, if nothing else, pisses me off.

    People got what they got. If they get ripped off, tell them. Thats fine. "You probably should have gotten more/better bud for what you payed" Ok, thats helping them. Good job. Some people dont have access to good hookups where they can get the shit you can get, and if they do some may not have the money. Again, this is no reason to start being a cock and telling them they have shit weed. Even if they already know it, you dont have to fucking be so hostile about it.

    In short, stop being assholes.

    (Edit: This is not directed at anyone specific (yes it is but im not throwing names around) so if you start bitching to me your reasons for being assholes, congratulations you just admitted youre an asshole. But the point of this is for people to calm down, people here now and people who sign up in the future. Im not trying to start anything, im trying to end shit.)
  18. well put.

    the way i see it, people come here to make smoking herb a communal thing. not much fun though if people constantly rag on your posessions.

    as far as i am concerned, there is no such thing as bad weed, just better weed.
  19. I hate to contribute to ragging on this guys pot, but that doesnt look like very good weed at all. neither the stuff in the big bag nor the little packaged stuff looks like its in nugs. It looks extremly shakish, like the bottom of a schwag sac. Did you really pay $100 for all that?
  20. Namynam.... Fuckin' a, dude. Fuckin' a.

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