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  1. Couple of months ago spotted this plant growing in my burn/compost pit. left it alone but kept an eye on it, when it was id'ed as mj I was advised to top it and see what happens. Have had other plants grow wild out of the pit before but they never lived anywhere near this long.

    Thanks to a lot of reading here and a little good luck, she has become a rather tasty looking lady. best of my knowledge she is in week 5 or 6 of blooming.. purchased a magnifier and most the trichs are cloudy some are still clear.. not spotted any amber ones yet.

    About 2 weeks ago a friend of mine gave me some plant food and said it would help during the budding process its rose food 8-24-12 , been adding sparingly every other watering.

    I am guessing another week or 2 then will try my hand at chopping down and drying and curing.

    She is a little over 5 ft tall and 4 ft wide.. the main stalk has 10 nice branches ( each has areas of many blooms starting to get crowded together) and several smaller branches ( smaller branches have a several single blooms at various locations on them)

    Any advice, comments , constructive criticism would be appreciated..

    Now for the pics

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  2. She has a lot longer than a couple of weeks to go. Going by those 3 photos on the right, they only look about 3 weeks into flowering, but that's going by my indoor grows.
    Besides that, nice find. Did this grow from bits of plants that you were composting?
  3. looks great. dont chop till sometime mid october.
  4. Damn and I always had the odd potato and other bs growing out of my compost, but that's a treat. :) . My 2 cents ? Since it's growing out of a compost pit, you probably don't need to fert at all, but it obviously hasn't hurt. BTW: I use an organic rose & flower food made into a tea as the base of my whole grow and I love it.

    Fortune has smiled on you :)

  5. I agree its far to early to think about chopping if she still looks like she does in the pictures. You have the right idea using a scope to judge when to chop but if she still looks like that then I doubt the trics are cloudy.

    She looks lush though, nice find.
  6. Never grown before, sort of backed into this one.. friends of mine sit on my porch roll up a j and toss all the seeds into the pit... have had plants spring up before but none until this one have ever reached flowering stage.

    So does flower stage = bud stage? or am I jumping the gun?

    the plant has been in flower around 4/5 weeks now... but reading post people keep saying not to count weeks but watch the trichs..

    for my local area I should have about 1 more month before frost time... I tried to get some pictures of the flowers stacked on top of each other but my dig camera keeps getting confused about a focal point and the pics are all hazey looking
  7. There's very little likelihood that she'll be over-ripe in a month :) ... I'd watch your local weather and jump into action at word of the first frost. If you experience prolonged cool and/or excessively damp conditions, keep a close eye on her.
  8. Flowering can take up to 10 weeks, depending on strain. You should watch the trichs, as many have said.

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  9. You are not jumping the gun, thats a mighty good question.
    I have never grown outdoors, so i really shouldn't have commented about how far they are into flowering.

    When i estimated around 3 weeks into flowering, i was refering to my indoor grow, that means from when i switch my lighting to 12/12, which is the start of an indoor flowering period. But the buds don't actually start showing on my plants until nearly 2 weeks after switching to 12/12. So theoretically the budding stage would really be around 2 weeks after switching to 12/12.

    But i do know by looking at them buds, theres quite a few more weeks of flowering before you should chop them down. Just hope that the trichomes are atleast all cloudy before the frost comes.

  10. Appreciate the info... Locally we have just hit 12.5 hours of sunlight / 11.5 dark .. the plant is shielded from the morning sun by woods to the east, but open exposure to west and south.

    The flowers started to grow about 5 weeks ago... I am hoping to be able to leave her out another month. just from the growth change I have seen over the last few weeks makes me semi giddy:D
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    Are the trichs the very tiny clear mushroom looking on the white hairs of the flowers or the globes I am seeing on the green...

    The globes I am seeing look exactly like the 2nd pics on the attachment you put on your link... I am seeing them all over about 60 to 70% are cloudy, the rest are clear

    God I wish I could take a pic thru the scope
  12. Well if they are like pic #2 I would wait till theres a few ambers and go for it:)
  13. I was reading thru the other post and found the question..

    When does "flowering period" start?

    When I based my plant Flowering period at 5 to 6 weeks it was based on me starting my count from the day the first flower looked like any of my last 3 posted pics on the original post.

    From reading the answers given to the poster in the other thread it sounds to me like my plant might be further along than I guessed as far as weeks into flowering..

    based on this information does it sound like my timetable of weeks into flowering is off by a week or 2? Not sure how long it takes the plant to produce a full flower..

    Thanks again for everyones help and support
  14. I would let that lady finish flowering and then enjoy the sweet sweet Taste of Unattended Success :smoking:
  15. Ya let that lady get nice and fat you will be happy you did.
  16. Sadly a friend of mine showed up at my house and while we were talking he spotted the plant and he walked over and took a close look. he then turned and walked back to me and told me I should cut it down NOW .

    He is a state trooper by profession :(
  17. Did he have a scope?

  18. nope but he has a real badge, handcuffs, gun, and police car. Fortunately he was :cool: to the point of giving me a chance to take care of it.

    RIP Bobbi we knew you all too shortly... ;)

    Not sure if she is smokable, when he left I trimmed leaves and such as best I could guess to do by the guides I saw here on grasscity...

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  19. Sorry dude I was high when I posted that, make some butter or some hash with those yummy young buds.

    Thats what ya get for being friends with the law, peace
  20. Is all good bro, broke my heart to do

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