look there are gay guys

Discussion in 'General' started by keepsmokin, Apr 20, 2002.

  1. these guys are really gay

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  2. LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. oh no...all of them are gay?????

  4. Its sounds like you know these people more than anyone else here keepsmokin there sommit you wanna tell us ?

    Mickey.T :)
  5. i have all their cd's and i got their special edition poster

  6. Think ya might be on to something m8te! LOL :smoke:
  7. hmmm i just love that red hair!
  8. Actually (in a lisp) i think its a sort of champagne chartruse.


  9. poor, poor little sell-outs.
  10. i was wondering what the hell this thread was about when i saw it, but lol. haaaaa.
  11. they're not gay but their boyfriends are.....

  12. Lmao!!!!

    And Dumb as a box of rocks!!! saw Lance on Who wants to be a Millionaire , made Mississippi look real bad!!! :smoke:
  13. Yep. A bunch of insanely wealthy homos with no independent thoughts in their heads.
  14. got enough money they dont have to think

  15. LOL...I'd be a sellout too just to see a fraction of what they make!
  16. they will be broke soon

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