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Look out City members!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IndianaToker, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. That's right. Indiana Toker has come out of hibernation. You've all seen me lurking around..... The time is ripe.... Look out Namron!!! I laugh at your 3000 posts!! What's this? Do I smell a rant?!?! No, I shall leave you hanging on the edge of your seats... That's right folks... The time has arrived for Indiana Toker to rule supreme at the city. Heheh, you've been warned...

    So I'm basically saying I'm tired of lurking around and I'm going to make an effort to post more. :)

    Peace to all the great members of this City.
  2. You'll never beat me, about 50 more posts and I'll edge out the cowboy for ninth highest amount of posts and it takes much time and devotion and quite frankly I don't think your tough enough to take me on ;)

  3. Hehe, I think I'm plenty tough enough but you'd probably make me have to take a breather!! :)
  4. Bring it on Indianna Toker. We need more posters!

  5. Don't worry, I usually try to stop when I sense your about to pass out ;)

    huh, Butthead?
  6. You forget that I can hold my breath for so long!! :)
  7. Well, I'm glad to see you are going to post more!!!!! I myself have been lost lately in a cloud of smoke and pills...........but I'm regaining my lost sanity!!!!!!!
  8. I hear ya. When you mix the pills and the weed sometimes it seems like just a big blur!!
  9. Told ya I'd be around folks!! I've hit 150 posts in less than 24 hours. Look out City!! :)
  10. that's insane. i'm gonna make an effort to post more too :) lol. that's just what everyone needs more of cottons. lol. well, i'll be seein's ya around. :D

    *sniff sniff*

    are those biskits i smell? and... could it be???? wow, i can't believe it... it really is... i smell biskits and beaver. mmmm...

    ::runs to church::
  11. Ha!! We'll team up and take charge of this lawless City!!! lol
  12. lmao... sounds good to me :) together we'll take charge of 1 and 2... muahahaha! lol

  13. Love the evil laugh! *runs around after taking over the City singing "we've built this City on marijuana* lol

  14. lol... why build it on marijuana... i'd rather build it FROM marijuana :D

    ::does happy city's built out of marijuana dance::
  15. You've got a good point buddy. But we have come to the consensus that there MUST be lots of weed at the City!!
  16. crazy posters. lol. yea miss one day and it takes three hours to catch up on all the posts!! i love it! lol
  17. Crazy posting has begun!! Hehe, I'm at 213 in less than 24 hrs. Might be setting a new record!!
  18. hahaha, i am following you with your posts, and funny comments, and witty remarks, i too shall rule, vuhahaha.
    <:cue smoke, red and blue flashing lights, and strobes, dont forget the 80's rock and roll>
  19. Ganjaguy you can join cotton and I in taking over the City!! Look out guys, we're teaming up!!
  20. yeah, go tag team action!!!!

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