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Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. numma 3 classic yet still tight
  2. g, I was kinda leanin towards numero uno thou. The "hoodlum hat" as my dad callsit. hahaha
  3. Theyre all tite but i like number 3 too.

  4. yeah ive got avolcom hat just like that one..the problem with the G hat is it dont stand out no mo EVERYBODYS gangsta with gangsta hats?


    I was thinking the same thing about that hat.

    It's not bad looking though not bad though. Now not saying your a "hoodlum", and I'm not claiming I know much about you....... But I could see you going with that hat.

    I personally like the simplicity of the 3rd one though.

    I wish I could wear hats- but when I do, all you see is my ears haha.

    They're not big- they just stick out a little- I'm good with it, I tell people it's so I can hear better :p
  6. Damn.... I go with #2...

    Pretty phat looking hat bro.

    But the A's suck :p.
  7. You jus' might get -repped. lol

    Ahhh erryone likes diff hats! Ahaha. Hahaha, nah ;round ehre it's only my homies who were these hate, erryone else are "emo" things and punk and rockers n shit. lol, oh and jocks n preps n shit. 'sides the krews...
  8. #3 fo sheezz, #3 fo sho
  9. dude you should definitely go with hat number 2. what happened to the A's this year? i thought with their pitching they would have a shot to win the al west.
  10. ahaha, hella blades diggin number 3. I thank I might jus cop 'em all :D

    these are the kicks I'm coppin


    Tell em dem kicks aint hot, you'd be lyin :rolleyes:
  11. number 2 but if you could find a white hat with green outlines adn then they as symbol be green the brim white or green
    thatd be fly as hell
  12. HOmie, if you can find me a cap like dat, I''ll rep ya. Cuz like you said that'd be fly as hell.
  13. Green shoes? Only a bud smoker...:p
  14. What can I say, I smoke green, I bleed green, and i wear green. haha
  15. Im diggin #2 bro. Thats a siick hat. I gotta find me a Marlins hat like that
  16. Out of those three I'd say the first one although the second one isn't all that bad either.
  17. I like the second one the best.
  18. Thanks erryone, I'm coppin all 3. Might as well. My homie owes me $240 n he get's payed tomorrow. Sp it's treal, I'll buy some more too :D

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