Look at what we have created.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by bizzletwister10, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. As i get onto the spirituality and philosophy forum each day, i look forward to discussing a deep topic with people that i will never even know by face. The internet has offered us a great way to connect with each other and prosper.

    Now take a step back, and look at our discussions. Marijuana use has led us to create a great discussion place for spirituality and philosophy. We have taught each other a lot, and should really recognize the value this forum has. It has taught me so much about myself and existence. it is a place where i can be completely honest in my experience and beliefs and has helped me to discover a higher self. I can take powerful questions to this place, and get different answers from a lot of intelligent people. This forum has become a tool we can all use and benefit from. We should really appreciate the support and extremely great knowledge we offer each other each day on this forum.

  2. We do. :)
  3. I'm waiting for the internet to become a giant self aware product of our collective contributions on forums like this...but i dont know how porn sites would play into that fantasy.

    In any event, :hello: heres to us

  4. Haven't you heard about the Internet?

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