Look at what the cat dragged in (pics) Some Ecstacy for your viewing pleasure

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    I apologize in advanced for the shity camera phone pics, but you can make out what they are. OHHHH BOYY! what have i gotten myself into! cant wait to take these puppies, got a star and a pokeball. hope you all enjoy. I know I will.




  2. I've heard from friends that the stars are pipes. Maybe they were just the ones around here.
  3. well we are a few states away. haha

  4. looks bomb man
  5. doesnt it though, haha.




  7. you and greymatter should start a club. it will be called the biggest douches on GC and you guys are the presidents
  8. I'm in CO too and I heard that as well.
  9. I said they would be shitty, did i not? so fuck you if your gonna rip on my pictures. my good digi cam is fucked up. these were taken with my PHONE! with terrible lighting, and 1.3 mp camera phone. razor. usually takes great pics. but it isnt exactly designed for macros. so yeah... fuck you buddy.

    agreed. those two and zep. Graymatter for pressident, this dude vice, and zepp can run mayor.

  10. zepp would be the town drunk. hes not an asshole. hes just stubborn and incorrect most the time IMO
  11. I actually +repped him on that, I thought it was funny.
  12. fuckin zepp. :D
  13. Those shitty pics made my eyes hurt :(
  14. your gay little avatar made my eyes bleed.
  15. i like looking at x and everything, but can't you just throw us a bone and post some pics that are actually focused on the pills? lol
  16. Shi-Tee Cam-Ra Phone!
  17. What's the deal with people complaining about the pictures? Obviously being able to read isn't that common anymore. :rolleyes:

    nice pick up btw. have fun!
  18. Im gonna complain because of this shitty comment right there. who just calls a guys avatar gay because he called your pictures unfocused?
  19. well uh, you know i did say clearly at the beginning that the pictures sucked, yet i got multiple comments about the quality. my pics made his eyes hurt, thats not fucked up at all? just a witty little comeback
  20. thhanks man.

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