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Discussion in 'General' started by AleR, May 22, 2013.

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    I was high and got the idea to make a glass spoon or pipe out of clay.
    I didn't have much so its not that big.

    My dream is to open a shop that sells cannabis but also is a head shop with my own glass blown bongs and spoons by me.
    Don't know how I'm going to do it but one day...
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  2. Did you smoke out of it?
  3. That looks so unhealthy. Would not toke.
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    snot glass if its clay dood
    cool thingy though
    oh and your dream starts with glass blowing classes. Then buy equipment, then youtube  vids or apprentice for an existing artist
  5. I plan to hope stuff in clay isn't bad for me
  6. I've been looking into classes but my parents want me working rather than taking classes. But I'm going to this summer
  7. You Def need class
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  8. Dude are you in kindergarten that is terrible even if it wasn't built for smoking haha wow.
  9. ya...I would advise against smoking out of that
  10. That's modeling clay? You seriously thinking of smoking from it?
  11. The only way it would be remotely safe would be if it was baked properly in a kiln. Even then the changes in temp from putting a lighter to it to taking it away could easily make it crack eventually. 
  12. Oh I'm such an idiot ill just keep it as an art piece to resemble that I'm a proud and happy stoner.
    I'm going to buy some materials to craft me a bong this is my hobby.
    Ill might even give some my bongs away for free that I hope to make as long as I know someone will enjoy my work of a bong.
  13. second picture it looks like theres smoke in the air lol..
  14. Ummm... is that modeling clay? Bad idea dude, do not smoke outta that.
  15. Yeah man needs A LOT of work. 
    making pipes are a lot harder than it looks. I've been trying to make one out of wood but it never works out. I have a friend that makes them out of stone (or so she says. She lives a few states away lol.)
    Seriously take some classes and not just glass blowing. All kinds of sculpting mediums (Stone, wood, glass, clay, metal, etc.) Don't limit yourself, you'd be surprised what you'll find. The best pipe I ever owned was made out of a left over plumbing parts from when I redid my shower. You might also want to take some general art classes (painting, drawing, graphic art) as stoners love pretty pictures to hang on the walls.
    3/8" straight galvanized pipe for the mouth piece, T connection for carb/bowl/mouth piece to fit together, and a 3/8's to 1/2" converter piece for a bowl. Simple, durable, hit like a fuckin canon.

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