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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Project ICE, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Look at us....always running around, always rushed, always late....that's why they call it the human race.

    All we are doing is waiting for life to slow down so everything can fall into place.

    Then maybe it won't be a race after all.
  2. Well said!
  3. Its all just a ride man, smoke and let it take you somewhere fun and inspiring :smoke:
  4. I like that, but if you dont mind heres what Banksy has to say on the matter, i also find it to be really well put.

    "The human race is the most stupid and unfair kind of race. A lot of the runners dont even get decent sneakers or clean water.
    Some runners are born with a massive head start, every possible help along the way and still the referees seem to be on their side.
    Its not surprising a lot of people have given up competing altogether and gone to sit in the grandstand, eat junk and shout abuse.
    What the human race needs is a lot more streakers."
  5. We have to work to get money so we can buy more stuff. We have to keep the machine turning, we have to keep busy, we have to turn off our minds and just keep working. Just keep going forward. We have to be successful. We need to have kids and a family and a house and go to our jobs and raise our kids the same way. Screw your fellow man, you are number one in your life and you will do anything to get to the top! The less empathy and more profit driven your mindset is, the more successful you will be!

    Such a load of BS
  6. People let fear lead them away from a still mind; fear is the cause for all selfishness.

    A still, considerate mind is able to enjoy the moment and be aware of the race, but not worry about it.

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