look at this. who does this realy??

Discussion in 'General' started by juggalo6106, May 16, 2010.

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    ok i signed into my gc account and i noteiced my rep droped. idc about my rep but the fact of what this moron said.

    [Report the rep and forget about it, but calling members names will only get you warning/infractions as well. -FW]

    [​IMG]Watch ONLY IF stoned...... 05-15-2010 09:20 PM420Shane hahahah juggalo! in other words an uneducated, pathetic excuse for a human being who listens to the group ICP who are bold enough to actually consider themselves musicians. are you a greasy, fat, teenager with a kool aid mustache and no friends?

    who gives someone a -rep for the music they listen to. now i dont have enough rep to give him a -rep for childish bullsh!t. so could someone just give him a -rep for me i only need one persion to do it. if you dont want to fine. but whould you ever do something this stupid over the bands someone likes. i came on this site to help people who need it and i get dumbass grown adults trying to get me kicked off. wtf is with this i thought all potheads/stoners were not judgmentle. i know im not.
  2. nah i voted yes, i wouldnt neg rep you but jugglos are gay. not homosexual gay, like gay gay. im taking that word back.

    but fuck that kid for stereotyping.
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    You're stereotyping to idiot. Learn a new word but gay. If you're still saying "that's so gay" as someone who is 18+ then I feel bad for you. Why the fuck do people care about OUR music? Why can't they worry about themselves.

    [Calling somebody an idiot is considered flaming. -FW]
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    thank you a normal persion. im not that juggalo who makes a loud nosies or does stupid shit. i just relax and like my music. i dont judge people i dont know fuck man. ur cool but hes a dick. and again that you for being sival and not a dumb ass like all these people i get jugde lafed at harrased by cops and all that shit cuz i call my self a juggalo. its the only place an aboused kid fits in now adays. so any one who want to talk shit think about what ur saying cuz ur the one that loks stupid

    [calling members names will only get you warning/infractions as well. -FW]
  5. yea i guess i was stereotyping...but gay fits for alot of things....and i dont care about your shitty music im just voicing my opinion...
  6. Nobody asked, and gay is used by 15 year olds as another word for "stupid" grow up.
  7. the shit he said made me LOL. calling yourself a "juggalo" is kinda asking to be ripped on too. when i hear the word i think "shitty music (icp), fat kid, depressed" dunno why i just do.....
  8. I personally think anyone who is too hard core a fan of anything is obnoxious!
    But I also think- to each their own.
    Just dont expect me to join in and we will be fine.....

    You cant change me. I like who I am.
    I dont want to change you.
    But who knows what you may learn from, or teach to, someone with a different perspective then your own?
  9. Juggalo right here! +rep fam!

    But in all seriousness, I hate ICP but I love the unity among my friends and I. They have some alright songs, but they should have ended with the Joker Cards, IMO.
  10. How is asking to be ripped on?

    This. People really need to worry about themselves:rolleyes:

  11. Because Juggalos are REALLY easy to make fun of. Keep your head up man, don't worry about what other's think, because their opinion doesnt make two shits and a fuck.

  12. ^that
    most kids calling themself's "juggalo's" are just COMPLETE faggots....all i've seen at least.
  13. Uh I don't. I just wonder why people care about us. I don't go to their Lil Wayne concerts talking shit.

    Grow up:wave:
  14. persian....purrrr
  15. but i don't wanna!

  16. ok seriously...Fuck fitting in!
    just be yourself.....
    sheep try and fit in....
    they do what they are told....
    they follow the rules....

    of coarse sometimes you get to pick which rules you follow.....But by calling yourself a juggalo, or labeling yourself as part of any type of group.You are opening yourself up to receive all of the things that people dont like about that group, directed at you.
    And now you are just another follower...what good does that do you?
    I like some of ICP's music....
    I like alot of things that most people dont listen to....
    like GWAR!
    anyway...the point is just because I am a fan of someones music does not in any way obligate me to any type of lifestyle.
    I dont fit in.
    I dont care.

    remember - like whatever you like....but fuck conforming to anyone's standards other then your own!
  17. jiggalos corny... there i didnt call yall gay
  18. i voted yes, but honestly JUST by the music they like I wouldn't hate a person, I could however find myself disliking them and assuming things because of the music they listen to. For instance if you listen to emo screaming crying about my life type of bullshit "music" I don't hate you because of it, I dislike you because of what it implies.

    ICP is unique btw I'm not a fan but I don't mind them too much. I'll fuck with *lets go all the way*
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    Quit being a dick and spreading - vibes around, aye? :mad:

    We're all different people, here in the City, but we all have ONE thing in common. Our love of the herb. Fighting is pointless, this website was designed to BRING STONERS TOGETHER and your trolling really shows how immature you really are. :rolleyes:

    [Irony, much? Don't call folks names and spread that vibe you are talking about yourself. -FW]
  20. Your poll isn't going to give you the answer you're looking for.

    There are definitely some types of music that could make me hate the person for listening to it. However, those types of music are a lot more about racism and hate than anything else.

    Really though, I could care less about what a person listens to, it's only if their personality and beliefs reflect that music, depending on what it is.

    I'm confusing myself, I'm gonna go. Rock on juggalo :metal: :smoking:
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