look at this sweet plant

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    my little baby is a girl with purple hair

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  2. Looks like its trying to revert back to veg. Where are all the trichomes?!?!
  3. it just started flowering with purple hairs
  4. Do you live north or south of the equator? If north, they will revert back to veg. South, and your solid.

  5. they have been growing outdoors from seed and have just started flowering
    they are not reverting the veg they are early skunk from Mr. nice seeds
  6. Well why didn't you say, this is an autoflower...? That would of solved all these problems.

  7. its not listed as a autoflower on attitude it states that its a early flowering strain
  8. My regs seed did that too. But mine isn't going back to veg because the buds are getting bigger everyday. And it's starting to smell more and more

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  9. Genetic purple or cold maybe?
  10. omg plz update with full details im very interested in mr.nice seeds.

    have you grow this before or any other mr.nice seeds?

  11. never grown this before but i think i like it the buds are getting bigger
    and the hairs are turning pink i will post a pic later this is also my first time getting seeds from mr. nice seeds early skunk is a cross between
    skunk and early pearl it does not state that it has purple in it
  12. new pics of my baby

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