Look at this shit!

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAG_NKJ0egs&feature=g-all-f&context=G21f89dbFAAAAAAAAFAA]Man Fly's with Wings, MUST SEE ! THIS IS REAL ! - YouTube[/ame]

    Look at it!
  2. that guy looks goofy as fuck
  3. You look goofy as fuck
  4. Yeah I saw this earlier today. Looks like a lot of fun but it also looks like it will tire the shit out of you really fast.
  5. Thats awesome. Looks like a person would get tired
  6. i almost cried

    strong chills
  7. Damn thats nuts, I mean are you really worried about looking goofy while trying to be a bird and fly around? I think not.
    Flap on hommie, Flap on. :hello:
  8. is this fake?
  9. Man has flight.
  10. the part at 0:34 looks fake as fuck.
  11. ...it was kinda jerking him around ALOT to begin with...I want this to be legit. Germans are smart. Sounds like German to me at least. (ignant American)

  12. Put them in Russia or China, they'll train those mofos with the biggest arms and build an army of flying Asians and Russians :eek:

    But anyways, maybe you could have a motorized engine or something?
  13. I think they're from Holland.
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    lol yeah all the stoners.. nah but their speaking dutch so yeah their from Holland.

    I don't know if its legit or not yet looks legit though. If it is I'm gonna be one of the first in line for one of these things, I bet if you flew with one of these things for a bit everyday for 3-4 months you'd be ripped as fuck.. So be able to fly.. and have cut abs.. hmm sounds fucking sweet to me..:smoke:

    EDIT: plus the possibilities while under the influence??:smoking:

  15. lol whats funny is that thats the typical thing americans say dutch people are when they can't recognize the language.. germans hahaha
  16. you'd have to take a fat rip before trying to fly with that setup, just in case you fall to your death and can never smoke again

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  18. This is a hoax. :laughing:

    CGI Experts Say Flying Bird Man Is Fake (Updated)

  19. Its a hoax. Hoaxers rarely admit to their hoax

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