look at this dude paint

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. That is some amazing ass work.
  2. yea it is pretty amazing
  3. Very very awesome.
  4. damn that's pretty fuckin sick.
  5. thats unbelievable
  6. My godfather actually bought me one of those types of paintings, but the magic is all in how it's made.
  7. Theres a guy out here that does that, its so fuckin amazing to watch loaded.
  8. Haha Sprayman is a genius at art ! You know he's high when he does this stuff
  9. OMFG, this just got me so pumped. About 6 years ago I saw a guy (possibly even this guy) on the street in NYC doing these and selling them for $20. The attacks of 9/11 were still looming so most of his paintings had that theme to it. It's beautiful. I love to stare at it when I'm ripped.

  10. wow........ just wow :eek:
  11. that was pretty sick:hello:

  12. ^^^ That guyts a planitary artist (SP?) and i saw him 2 weeks ago and i got a nyc skyline

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