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Look at this BPP

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. Even the famous get busted!

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    Wynonna Judd Arrested For DUI
    Posted: 11/13/2003 3:38:00 PM
    Updated: 11/13/2003 4:59:45 PM

    Nashville police arrested country singer Wynonna Judd Thursday morning on a charge of driving under the influence.

    An officer clocked her Land Rover going 47 miles an hour in a 30-mile-an-hour zone, police said.

    The arrest report said the singer consented to a breath test after police smelled alcohol and noticed her watery eyes and dilated pupils. Police said she registered more than twice the legal limit of .08.

    Through her public relations group, Judd said in a written statement:

    "I know there is never a situation where drinking and driving is acceptable and I take full responsibility for my error in judgement. I had been out celebrating my upcoming wedding and a girlfriend's birthday last night and clearly let my excitement get the best of me. I am always thinking about the safety of others and that of my family and have learned a very serious lesson."

    Judd told police she didn't remember how many drinks she had, police said.

    Judd's first album in three years, “What the World Needs Now is Love,” debuted at number-one in August on the Billboard country music chart.

    Judd appeared in night court, posted the standard $500 bond for a first-time DUI offense and was released.

    In September, Judd's famous mother, Naomi Judd, was named to the National Advisory Board for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

    (AP contributed to this story
  2. This type of thing happens, even to the best of us.
  3. haha thats kinda cool.... some cops would just let em go.. a kid that works with me is like 19, hes gotten 3 dui's in the past year... thats just dumb... drivin drunk underage... hope they take his liscence... cause hes a delivery person, then hes have to get fired.. and i dont have to put up with his shit anymore :)
  4. I heard about this on the Bob and Tom show this morning. They were saying how bad her mug shot was, because she wasn't wearing makup. I looked it up on the smoking gun this morning. Check it out, she looks pretty bad.

  5. yea it does but, fortunately for the rest of us our mug shots are not news worthy enough to show the world.....
  6. u say ur friend had 3 dui's man

    homey needs to stay away from vehicles

    stay away from the vehicle

    haha, ive been pulled over on x on coke on crank on weed on beer on liquor and had a 20 pack open in the back of my truck with like 5 beers missin out of it and got away with a fix it ticket for the license plate light bein out

    fo sugady

  7. whose friend?
  8. If yoou go to the link, you'll see that fine pic of the wild girl.

    In thought she never went out with out her maj\ke up on..

    I still haven't gotten to talk to her yet..

  9. cs shootas
  10. I feel sorry for anyone who gets busted by the 5-0, no matter rich and famous or my friends in low places.

    on a side note, I think its bad karma to watch COPS or other shows or web sites that make money off other people getting busted.

    When you talk to her Bud, tell her I'm sorry she got busted but I still remember the time in 1988 or 89 when she cut me off in traffic on I-40/24 coming in to Nashville from the airport. I honked my horn at her and she flipped me a bird.

    Ashley has got some nice reviews on her new broadway play, I'm dying to fly to NYC to see her perform.

  11. Amen to that!!!!! Mine is less flattering than my driver's license pic. I did get a copy of them though and I'm thinking hard about turning them into personalized christmas cards for all of my family and friends!!!!

  12. I hate when any one gets expoited when they get busted.. She didn't need to have her face shown every where for a dui..

    She says she doesn't remember cutting any one off or flipping a bird at any one.. She also said that she may have done it, just doesn't remember..

    Ashley has gotten great reviews. She is happy of the way the show is going to do... She is a happy girl at the moment..

  13. She'd be happier if I had front row seats to her show and took her out to party after her last performance.

    Tell her UK is looking pretty good for the upcoming basketball season, especially with the two 7 footers on the squad.

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