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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hippie john, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. today, at about 6:00, i realized that the mothers hadnt been watered for nearly 4 days!

    the poor old girls grew right into the flouroesent light, and were droopy as hell. gave them tons of water and i\'m sure they\'ll be back to normal tommorow. thats what i ove about cannabis, it always bounces right back:)

    *CAUTION: this is a graphic image*
  2. theres a few burned leaves. these two seem to be really vigorous, they\'ll be fine by tommorow. both of these plants are nearly a year old, and its happened before. one time they went for a week with no water. bonced back to full health in two days. tommorow night i\'mm gonna trim up the damaged leaves.:)
  3. A year old o_O? thats not too huge for a year old..when do you plan to flower them?
  4. i think he means a year from the date the seed they came from 1st grew becuse they r clones.

    clones r the age of the plant they was taken from, thats y they lose vigger after time and even the best mother has 2b replaced sooner or later.

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