Look at me, I'm purple! well, sorta...

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by jaybone, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Hey all, I just had to show off this pic of my baby.
    She's about 2 weeks into flower.
    Wutcha think?

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  2. damn thats pretty fucking nice
  3. She looks mighty fine jaybone. Bet your excited too. Keep us updated now.
  4. lookin nice dude, much luck
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I'll post some more pics when she's further along.
  6. Like i said a long time ago.......you dont know shit about grass......thats some bullshit your growing....take a vacation to switzerland I i'll show you some real grass
  7. Hey fucko, are you still here? I thought you went back to overgrow to steal some more pics of other people's plants and claim them as your own. :rolleyes: You're just another 15 year old talking shit, trying to act tough. Where are all the pics of this huge grow operation of yours, bitch? And since when do they let Mexicans into Switzerland?

    Do everyone here a favor and shut your fucking mouth.
  8. omerta60 your a dick, you need to grow up, let us do whut the fuck we want and keep your mouth shut. I'd sit here and diss ya but your mammas a callin me.

    ya know, i used to wanna go to switzerland, but now knowing theres assholes like you there, i'm not even gonna think about it no more. and yeah, where the fuck are your pics?
  9. i think i speak for everyone and make a long story short omerta when i say back off bitch.......

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