Longtime friend turned roommate not down with the dank

Discussion in 'General' started by cas1337, May 15, 2010.

  1. Just moved in with my friend of almost 10 years for the first time. I want to respect his place, but I also want to continue smoking. He's not against me having bud here, but he probably doesn't want to know anything about it other than its here. I won't smoke anything but a bong inside, but the lingering smell from bong rips is going to pose a problem. Especially since there is a set of double doors in my room that lead directly into the living room with large gaps in between the doors as well as on the top and bottom. I'm not looking to stealth smoke, just control the odor in the room and house as he is going to be leaving for a couple weeks and I'll have the place to myself.

    I'm not looking to cover the smell with candles(unless it does a good job), but preferably eliminate it by the time he returns. Carbon filter is out of my price range, and I'm a lazy fuck so I won't DIY one.

    Thoughts? Tips? Similar Experiences?
  2. My god. Why didn't I think of that?

  3. Your welcome :cool:
  4. Sounds like what you need is a sploof! Simply put a wad of those dryer sheets in a toilet paper roll, or bottle with the bottom cut out. Exhale through your new contraption, and it will not only partially mask the smell, especially to your roommate who most likely isn't as familiar with the smell of ganja, but the pot smell won't linger as long as it would sans sploof.
  5. I haven't had any decent experiences with sploofs. I made one a couple months ago and it didn't really seem to help despite there being probably 50 dryer sheets in that tube.

    Also, he is very familiar with the smell. He used to smoke but he "realized out he didn't like it." I don't even know what that means, but I won't question it.
  6. sploofs work great, just don't use 50 sheets at once. you should only need 2 or 3
  7. There is really nothing worse then the scent of smoke covered up by the scent of fabreeze.

  8. Alternatives?

  9. Whaat???, They work perfect for me,i smoke in bathrooms when im staying at ma grandmother house,never had any probs....
  10. Fabreez is okay. Spoofs are good, air purifiers are good too. Fabreez is more of a secondary weapon.
  11. My room has double doors as well. You can try hanging a sheet or big curtain over the door.
  12. just put in a window fan sucking air out while ur puffing, blow the smoke towards the fan, maybe thru a sploof if u want...
  13. ^This. Or go to your local hydro store if you have one, and pick up a couple ONA blocks. i have one in my apartment and it constantly smells like someones doing laundry, which i enjoy very much. One block is pretty strong in a small room though, it can be kinda overwhelming but theres ways around that
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    I have 12 plants going in veg and this covers up that weedy garden smell perfectly.

  14. Exactly. Just buy yourself a box fan, open the window, point the fan so it's blowing out the window, and smoke. Sit by the fan so any smoke coming off the cherried bud just gets shuttled out the window by the fan.

    There will be no lingering smell whatsoever, so long as you smoke pretty close to the fan. Let it run for like 5 minutes after you're done smoking, and you'll be good to go.
  15. Vaporizor?

  16. If a carbon filter is out of his price range, what makes you think a vaporizer won't be?
  17. one frabric softener sheet and a toilet paper tube, blow the smoke out the tube...for freshness
  18. if u don't like the smell of febreeze, just get a spray bottle with water and spray about your room. the water will capture the smoke and smelly stuff in the air and settle in your carpet. Just like febreeze, except without the smell :]

    I lived in a house where smoking of any kind was not okay, and this worked for me.

    The fan would be a good idea too. they usually run about $25

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