Longterm effect of cannabis on dry eye

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    Hey guys,

    I have chronic dry eye and it seems to be getting worse and worse as the years pass. I've been vaping cannabis for a few years and before starting I had almost no issue with dry eyes ever.

    Now my eyes are permanently dry, even when I haven't vaped for the entire day. This is becoming a huge issue as sometimes my eyes are so dry I can hardly function. Plus my eyes are constantly bloodshot, even when sober. I'm using several type of eyedrops (one that lubricates my eyes and one that stimulates my eye to produce more tears) daily yet it's not enough.

    I'm now strongly considering quitting cannabis, dry eyes being one of the main reason.

    Anyone else experiences something similar? I know it's normal to have slightly dry eyes while you are high, but I thought that effect was only short-term.

    Other aggravating factors are: Heavy computer use, living in a cold/low humidity % climate

    I'm also in my early twenties so it isn't because I'm old
  2. It's 95% the computer use
  3. Yeah well I decided take a break to see if it would help, haven't vaped/smoked since monday night and I noticed almost no difference so far. :(

    Computer/screen use definitely plays a huge role, but it's pretty hard to lower that in today's digital world. I'm on a computer at work, at university courses and a bunch of my hobbies also are on the computer. I could definitely lower usage for the hobbies part I guess.

    Nowadays almost every single job that isn't straight up physical work is on a computer...

  4. These figures do not signify "long term" usage. I have been smoking it for over 40 years.

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