longing for that 70s high,whers the gold and red bud colubian.where has it gone to?he

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  1. :wave: i miss those days yeah we got real good strains of this and that but what happened to the whole columbian good ass weed days
  2. Cokes a bigger biz and the US is bein gay
  3. na weed is still the biz the mexican cartels are just tired of buying all the way from columbia so now they just grow it in mexico, and columbia just sells all there bud in south america now, the only thing they do is just process coke all the coca and raw coke come from peru.
  4. I've never had weed from South America. I've had that good ol' Mexican dirt shit though.
    "oh man 50 dollars never bought me so much weed. Sure it had branches in it but i had a trash bag full I was king for a day."

    Personally being from the east coast the best weed I've seen/smoked was from my trip to Montreal.
    Craziest fuckin bud i'd ever seen in my life.
    Jack Herer, White Widow, even the OUTDOOR mids there were like headies here in NC.
    Shits real fuckin good man.
    I know Cali kids will claim to have the best weed which I'm not debating, Canada just has the best stuff I've had.
    But yeah if you want Colombian weed.. You'll probably need a new flux capacitor or a plane ticket to South America.
  5. People have lost passion, and love for ganja man :( Especially those who buy it buy the ounce and re-sell it for profit, those are the ones killing marijuana. These days you NEVER even know what you are truly getting because of greed and lazy dealers. Don't be a lazy dealer. I think the internet also has a lot to do with it. People, a regular nobody can just buy seeds online of any strain, which makes the strains less rare. I know 100% in my area the weed is absolute crap. Nobody knows ANYTHING about weed up here even tho they claim they do. A friend of mine is selling weed and had two different strains, she got 2 ounce baggies from the dealer and the one she said was "bomb" was crappier weed than the mids she was selling for 10 bucks a gram, so I just smoked the $10 a gram good stuff when I bought it lol, people just dont know, AND their afraid to confront people about their weed and tell them its crap when they say its bomb...I hate people who call their weed "bomb" and "fire".

  6. Damn that sucks. Either you live in a seriously de-located place or you really dont know many weed dealers haha
  7. Nope, i live in a very well populated area and know tons of dealers,the weed just sucks. Guess its up to me to pump some actual good weed into the area (hopefully) xD

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