Longest youve looked at GX?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokinCautious, Feb 4, 2014.

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    What's the longest you have scrolled through the community at one time? Mine is 6 hours and I went through all if the "caught" and "Cop Story" threads. I recommend them, good reads.
  2. probably about 5 hours while participating in the "shooting at MIT in boston thread". I was drinking at night and doing it for like 5 hours, then did it for like 5 hours the next day.
    other than that, probably an hour and a half.
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  3. A couple of hours more or less. IF on and off, probably about 8 hours a day (on/off)
  4. i probably spend at least six hours a day on my phone on and off, every day.
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  5. Entirely too much.
  6. It's a disease
  7. When I was a moderator - man...I stayed on for a long time slogging through reported posts...
    That was an amazing thread
    A page would fill up in about thirty seconds from so many people posting at the same time
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  9. It was ridiculous. I would here something on the scanner and type something short like "Oh shit!" and when the page loaded there was like 4 or 5 people who had said something about it too.
  10. All day a few times. I spent a lot of time here a few years back.
  11. Im off and on thru the day on my phone.

    Probably haven't opened up gc on an actual computer in like a year lol
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    uhmmm maybe  an hour and a half or so....maybe 2 hrs if im cooked lol
     i have better shit to do than sit in front of the computer for really longggggggg periods of time

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