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Longest you've gone without smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Michael, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. How long?
  2. Well I started at 14, so 14 years.

  3. You mean 0 years then?

  4. This confused me
  5. I've been smoking everyday for 2-3 years I had a 7 day break once cause I never took any on holiday to Spain, tbh I couldn't be assed trying to get over there I was more then happy with the Spanish lager n absthine
  6. This ^ ahahhahahahahahahahah
  7. I'd say 4 dayz
  8. 16 years, then I turned 17
  9. 10 minutes
  10. I have taken month breaks here and there but 3 months is the longest
  11. in the last 5 years two and a half weeks is the longest I have gone.
  12. The first time I smoked I waited 2 months until I did again, I've never gone longer than that
  13. 2 weeks most, smoke every weekend with my friend since I can't get hookups. Started 3 months ago, really haven't had a long break
  14. 20 yrs lol
  15. about a month, im at 3 weeks right now it sucks...damn drug tests >__<
  16. That was exactly what I thought.
  17. 2 weeks for me, may get probation soon so that'll break my record
  18. i went 6 months because i had to take piss tests for school

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