Longest Wait for a Dealer?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by It's Kicked, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. My longest wait for a dealer was 3 days...
  2. my first dealer ever sucked he had my cash for 2 freaking weeks once before i got my green(he was a friend though so i knew he was looking just dry as hell that time). i'd always have to sit there for like 6 hours though suck suck suck
  3. I hate that sh*t! I know exactly where your coming from.

  4. ugh, 6 hours!!! i hate waiting for dealers.

    now i just buy a big bag and chill with it for a while, much easier :D
  5. Just out of curiosity, Do you re-up right before you run out?
  6. Longest wait was when I was chilling in some dorms and talked to a guy who said he could hook it up w/ an eighth in an hour(it was 9 at the time). I said ok I'll see you then. I drank some beer and smoked some cigs to kill the time, but dizaam this guy took forever. I didn't end up picking up from him until 3:30. He asked for $50, but I told him to blow me and gave him just $40 for making me wait so long. It was some pretty good bud actually and the high was ohh so great.
  7. blow me? i would have not sold it to you ..lol he probably drove about trying to get you a sack to smoke. the shortest 5 minutes (dealer used to be 5 mintue walk away alwasy home.)
    longest ...probably 3-4 hours. call him, tell me to call em back. call him back. wait for him to call me after he picks it up. then drive to meet him.

    but today i waited from noon till 6pm and never got a sack :-(
  8. This is totally insane! I thought I was the only person who had a lazy dealer. :)
  9. The wait can be horrible. I buy from 3 or 4 different people, and each is slow in his/her own way. That or there's a lot of drama involved. Example (long, sorry):

    A few weeks ago I was looking for an 8th, and everyone was dry. This girl I often buy from asked me to drive her out to some town to pick up, 1 and a half hours west of here. She gave me gas money, so I figured I might as well.. it seemed that it would be the only way I was going to get bud. So we get to this guys house, and he comes out and says he sold a quarter to one of his friends, and had nothing left but a gram for himself to smoke. Fuck. So then HE asks me to drive him to another town.. and you guessed it, another 45 minutes west. He had his own car, plus he started hitting on me.. so I was ready to say fuck it. But there was no sense in wasting all that time for nothing, and I hadn't been high all day.. so on we went. We reached our destination come midnight. Not only did we have to wait for 45 minutes, but I couldn't park at or near whoever's house this was, so I had to drive in circles. I got lost at one point. So the guy finnally came out with the 8th, which was some incredible shit by the way, and I must've seemed like a fiend, because I immediately took it from him, broke up a nug and smoked a hitter. Didn't even share the first time. Anyway, I didn't get home till close to 4 am.. and when I checked my cell phone, there was a message from one of my other sources saying he'd picked up at 11pm, and could sell me my 8th. All that crap for no reason. Psh.

  10. yall sound like you got some bad dealers, i forfill my clients needs in like no more then 30 min at most.

    ::I never said I was a drugdealer.:: cause im not ;)

  11. U must be a fundraiser then!

  12. tru
  13. Nothing wrong with that. :)
  14. i have a few dealers, i can wait for a few seconds to a few weeks (n)
  15. i've waited one an a half days, not including a 4 hour drive, but the quantity that I recieved for the money i paid made the wait well worth it.

  16. Nah this guy was a complete tool. I would call him up and he was like, "yea man 30 more minutes max, wait no no gimme another hour at the lastest" and that shit went on throughout the night. It was some good bud though and all was well. It's not like I'll ever pick from him again. :O
  17. man i spent all of thursday AND friday driving around, calling, waiting for calls, cause me and a few friends all needed sacks, so anyway no deal ever went through, something always went wrong until late friday night at like 9 PM, i had to drive to a different town and finally picked up from this new guy, wasn't even that great of a sack.. the bud was good, but it wasn't fat ... but at least we had bud so its all good :)

    but ya, ive had experiences like that before too. sometimes i have to wait a long time for a sack. not just like sitting there, but if i have money on monday i might not get a sack till friday. and even then i might have to sit and wait a few hours.

    but other times they come quickly :)
  18. 15 mins used to be the words of my dealer lol took atleast a day or more everytime he said that
  19. generally if i call one of the dudes around noon, he'll say "be there in 1 hour" then it's always 1-3 hours. but it always gets there. there have been a few times i call at like 10 pm and it's like "yeahyeah be there in an hour" then just never hear from him again that night and doesn't answer his phone. but ah well. some of the best and worst bud i've ever had has come from that same reliable/lazy dealer. it's a love/hate relationship. lol.

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