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  1. I just picked up a Volcano Digital and have a question:

    How long can you store a bag of vapor? I'd love to fill a bag, put it away, and consume it later. Have any of you had and luck with this, and if so for how long? Sorry if this has been previously discussed. I did do a search, and could not find this topic. Thanks!
  2. That is a good question. I'd like to know that too...

    But on a common sense, wouldn't the smoke just grow stale but still have the THC content?
  3. in a cano there is no smoke tobietobie its vapor whick is thc i dont have a clue if there is a time limit but you could just not fill the bag till ur ready

  4. Haha, my bad. Yeah I meant the vapor.
    But, then again, vapor probably has different properties than smoke does.
    Hmm. That would be weird lol.
    Seeing people sell bags of marijuana vapor ^^
  5. In the manual it says to only fill up the bag with the amount you intend to consume within 10 minutes. Sure, you can keep a bag filled for as long as you want, but after about 20 minutes or so it starts to taste like poop...
  6. I have had my volcano for about a year and I've seen some posts and they seem to say 24 hours. I've never kept my vapor in a bog for 24 hours but I have fllen asleep at 11, woke up at 10 and my bag was still full and i got a decent buzz off it.
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    yea digi cano is dope. love mine
    n i use a glass jar. just usually wait until the whole thing is full, it may take 1 week, 1 month, 2 months.. even longer.. *i was addicted to my toro for a while, so i wasnt vaping, but i eventually got it full after 4 months once, and then make some chronrice with chicken. tasted great and got super lit. so its great as long as your container is airtight + glass.

    damn im lit.. didnt realize what you were asking.. lol i was vaping once and i passed out right after attaching the mouth piece clip to the bag.. and i woke up in the morning like 14 hrs later and when i hit it.. i was fuckeddddddddddd up but really nasty taste. so im guessing you can keep it in there for a while and get lit, but the smoke tastes like shit
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    In the documentary super high me i believe they say that you can store the bag for up to five hours. I always just smoke mine :) and pull a new bag later.

    Also, ive found the best way to use it is to pull three bags, the first at 387 the second at 389 and the third at 391. Leave the bowl on the volcano and turn it on. Wait until you see white vapor start to come out and then snap on the piece with the bag. This way you dont get like 3 seconds of just air before the weed gets up to temp. Also, turkey bags at walmart for replacement. I foudn the smaller size works better.


    +5 for saving the vaped weed. Theres other cannabanoids in it and it will still get you high if you smoke it.

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