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longest T break ever!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chrisiscool11, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. its been about a week and a half since i last smoked im so anxious for this friday:hello:

    just wondering what the longet T break you guys have ever been on???
  2. about a month in jan 08, and in march 08
  3. 6 months or so.
  4. Since May 15th. But this weekend im getting my stash so i cant wait:smoking:
  5. over a year
  6. A week and a half? Cry me a fucking river.

    I haven't smoked in a year.
  7. i havent smoked in 3 months and i still have 2 weeks 2 go lol fuck probation
  8. 8 years. I got inolved with this church group and not smoking pot was just part of it. It was a good time. Years later I realized that there is nothing wrong with weed and if there is a god it was surely put there by said god. I broke my t break with weed and shrooms, it got bizzare.
  9. Its hard to take a long break if you got nothing to keep your mind occupied.
  10. ive taken a couple 3 month t-breaks....but i never seem to last longer than that.
  11. i started smoking in january so probably like a month at most
  12. 2 months but thats cuz i was spending all my money on my gf who I'm in love with so it was worth it. But once I told her i smoked she was like oh ok do u need me to pay for stuff i was like yea and she was i realize u need money to buy bud i respect that, Hehe thats why i love her :hello:
  13. Right now I'm on a forced break, gotta take a couple of DT's for this job I'm trying to get. It'll be three weeks this Saturday, but it's not that bad. My longest break was about 6 months. After a while I didn't miss it as much, but every day there were those moments where I was like, "Damn, this would be so much better high."
  14. About 4.5 yrs.....after awhile I just didnt feel like blazing anymore and wanted to workout and stuff which was great. But after i get my next job I might blaze again time to time.
  15. why do you come on this forum and talk about weed if you havn't smoked it in a year?
  16. Three months.. I was in jail, couldn't smoke.
  17. I stopped for 6 months but I started back. Its not hard to quit you just have to do other things to occupy your free time.
  18. my longest break was bout 2 monthsz
  19. longest ive ever gone is a month but as soon as the month was up the 1st hit i took was incredible
  20. I also realized my tolerance was still huge even after 6 months.

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