Longest dry spell ?

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  1. Hey guys
    What was the longest you guys went without any sex with the opposite gender? (Or same if you swing that way)
    I'm currently in a drought not seen since the Great Dust Bowl. It'll be a year next month. I've been battling with struggles like trying to get clean off unmentionables and depression plus all the bullshit of everyday life but i feel like i'm going pretty much crazy.

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  2. Approaching 22 years :/
  3. ^^Damn that sucks, unless you're a virgin then it dont count. Ive had a girl for the past three years and before that it was a month or two between girls but ive never been too motivated to get as much as I can. Op, good luck kicking your habit and shit will come to you when you stop looking, in my experience
    Quit your bitching and start learning how to pick up some chicks. 
    Rarely luck will bring u a girl.
  5. First, in your situation, I would join a support group[NA, AA]etc. and share with the group. Learn to interact with people in a similar situation. You will also learn ou are not alone and that there are kind people who will welcome you back to community. Afterwards, go the the coffee shop at or near your libraray. Thats where you will meet the brightest ladies. DO NOT make passes. Instead try to talk about other common interests. If she thinks you might be a match, she will find a way to make it known.
  6. damn bro...go hit up the local bars or something. a year is a long time. your gonna bust a nut super fast when you finally do find that lady
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    I went on a dry spell for 6 months before. I don't really care though. Sex is awesome and all but I give myself some pretty great handjobs.

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  8. Yeah I'm a virgin lol it still sucks though
  9. Give or take 17-18 years.
  10. When I was 17. 1 year & a half.
  11. It's been 10 months. I've been single a long time too. I just can't bring myself to sleep with someone who isn't my boyfriend :\\
  12. 10 years, then i got laid on my 11th birthday cause im a g
    2 months. 
  14. 4-5 months.  And I was married. :eek:
    Actually, sex became uncomfortable for my wife the last 2-3 months of her pregnancy and then you have the 6-8 weeks after the birth when you are cut off.
    But I got lots of nice BJ's.
  15. January will make 6 years for me.
  16. I feel sorry for you.
    A vagina feels wayyyy better than my hand
    Uh thanks?
  18. I just did the deed last weekend but I've gone months, maybe a year w/o it.
  19. I feel this. It's been 5 months for me, and I've had opportunities. But the thought of sleeping with someone other than my ex-girlfriend makes me really depressed

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