Longest and shortest from seed to harvest

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  1. How long or short was some of you guys time from seed to harvest .. Like 70 days 50 days I'm a noob and trying to understand the process and patience ..
  2. Ive seen some 50-60 day autos on other forums.

    Heard fast growing for green-o-matic
  3. Have you done any none autos ? How long has ones you've seen ?
  4. There is some Pure Aks that I put into motion that take as min of 48 days but i don't know if that's true I guess I'll see
  5. Non autos is usually dependent on alot of factors including the strain, your conditions, lighting ect..

    But the best non auto i helped grow from seed took 2 months veg 1 month 1 week flower so

    3 months and a week.

    Decent yield

    3.7 oz dry.

    Cfls for veg and used an hps for flower.

    Edit: dont remember exact strain but im pretty sure it was a g13 cross
  6. i can bet that you can harvest a regular plant in about 65-70 days.
    just so long as you have a strain that flowers fast.
    thing is your not gonna yeild shit cuz u could only veg for a week.

    gotta have the mentality of a weed plant taking atleast 3 months to finish imo
  7. flower in 5 weeks and 3.7 oz?
    how much wattage was the hps?
  8. 1000.

    Storm problems mid grow and somehow the ballast short circuited :confused:

    So we just used cfls and a 450.
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    Wasnt the only plant either. Just the one we focused on most. Defoliation was used too.

    Edit: man i wish i had cash flow for an hps like that now :(

    Too be honest i wasn't the most experienced grower back then and was being taught by an old friend but he kept that grow very simple and relied just on lighting, good ph, and simple yet effective nutes.
  10. Just for contrast: I'm on my third grow ever, growing feminized "Jack" from seed, under a bunch of CFLs. Germinated August 25, vegged two months until October 25, and as of January 25 it's been in 12/12 flower mode for 90 days. And it's still at least a couple of weeks away from harvest. Granted, it's a sativa strain so longer grow is normal, and CFLs make it even longer. But still, I'll be close to 6 months in when I finally harvest. Shit better be worth it!
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    it's hard to compare shortest grow times because technically you can harvest any time you want. but harvesting too early and you will miss out on some weight. different people have a different opinion on when you should harvest.

    you could cut a clone and root it under 12/12 so you would finish it in 8 weeks with a quick flowering breed. but you wouldn't get much bud compared to if you vegged it for a couple of weeks first

    all auto's I have grown have taken 10 weeks

    when I'm bored with a mother and flower her off she will likely be a couple of years old
  12. Jeez, do you take steps to keep her small or just let her go nuts for years?

  13. shes a mother, so im constantly making clones off her. this keeps her to a manageable size. my mother (i only have room for one at a time) is kept in a 1'x1'x3' box with a couple of cfls in there just keeping her going
  14. Hows the yield when you get bored and flower those moms off comparativly to others the same size? Or is it essentially the same?
  15. longest flowering plant i have raised is malawi gold, 84-110 days flowering but the yeild is beyond anything I have seen and the high is trippy but creative and motivating, buds can avg 2 ft
  16. I don't flower plants as big as that so it's hard to compare. I had 3 ounces of my last mother from just a 125watt CFL. which was by far my biggest yield off just one of those lamps. usually I get about half that, but that's with several plants that are only vegged for a couple of weeks so the turnover is much faster

    I wish I used an hps with her because I would of gotten a lot more I reckon

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