Longer sativa high? Edible, smoke, tea, etc

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Sativababe, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Hey I'm experimenting with sativa strains from a dispensary. I started with green crack (not a fan felt Dopey). I just tried Jack Herer which I really really like (energized functional high) BUT it only lasts 3.5 hours and I hate the idea of being a slave to running outside every 3-4 hours to smoke/ or vape like I see some people doing (vape being the more realistic option due to weed being STROOOOOOONG smelling).

    Is there a way to smoke make it last 6-8 hours or a way to make Sativa edible that will pick up after the smoking high ends?

    I need something I can go undetected with at work and on the go. I freelance and sometimes it's just not possible to smoke weed without being judged or even having time to have a smoke break. Plus until I find what works for me I just want to keep that im using MJ private.

    Edibles that still have a sativa effect would be ideal. I don't really enjoy smoking, I'm going for effect.
  2. Get a dyna puff. There sativa, indica, hyrbrid, etc oil cartigages u attach onto ecigs, and you can puff on them at anytime any day.

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  3. ?? 3.5 hours for any flower would be great.

    Sativas generally don't last a crazy long time.
    That's what they do. Bring you up quickly for a shorter duration that indica dominant strains.

    Sounds like you need a concentrate pen perhaps.

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