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longer high?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by lonelystoner420, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I got about 2 grams of good mids and 2 hours before the parents come home, how can i get blasted and have it last a long time? thanks G:smoke:C
  2. Make some firecrackers in the oven, and sit back.
  3. Im not sure if this is true, but ive heard the the more you smoke in the first 5 min of smoking, the more intense your high will be, but the more you smoke after that 5 min, the longer the high.
  4. i think it depends more on the bud than the method of smoking... but im not sure. try mixing a couple methods... that always gets me stoned.
  5. My experience is that if I smoke a joint it'll last 2-4 hours, but an edible - lik a firecracker - lasts a looooong time. One firecracker sets me up for the night, two is even better. And iftheyre cooked, they don't reek, just smell like peanut butter.
  6. thanks i'm springin for the fire cracker:D
  7. Before you eat the firecrackers, eat 1 ripe mango at least a half hour before you eat them.
  8. Should I throw salt over my shoulder and do a little rain dance or are you going to tell us why?

  9. Correction: Slightly Over Ripe Mango

    Eating a slightly overripe mango 20-30 minutes before ingesting THC will boost your high and make it last longer. Just google it.
  10. How did the firecrackers go?

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