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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by sodope28, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hello i live in canada and started to longboard. I got very into it fast abdmy friends were talking about doing a road trip to go longboard. Cali would probably be a good option as we always hear about. Does anyone longboard in cali or other magnificent locations?
  2. Nobody longboards/skate/bikes in this forum??? :p
  3. i used to skate a fair amount (around 2-3 times /week) and i quit a little over a year ago and wanted to start longboarding too. Where u from? Cuz south ontario has some great hills for carving and im really pumped for when i get my board soon and when it warms up a little
  4. Srry didnt realize u were goin to cali :s umm heard there boardwalks are awesome to ride though
  5. More Precisly im from the montreal area. There are good bike paths here, i can easly go for 10 hour longboard trips on the bike path which i will do when its nice out. Have you ever watched ling treks on skatr decks??? If not its a greate youtube episode series that you should check out. Its that, that made me want to longboard road trip, but for now thinking of longboarding through cali
  6. But il check out south ontario for sure its not far from me. And what board you thinking on getting?
  7. Thinkin bout gettin a santa cruz just not surr yet. I dont know much about longboards so i dont really know what companies are good yet. Can u post a link to that youtube vid? Couldnt find any of em on there
  8. [ame]http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ru85lUj3ib4[/ame]

    I got a very nice board made from a company in montreal Kebbek great board
  9. Awesome video def wanna try a road trip like that sometime.
  10. they have a peru and marcco series. right now im looking into going accros california

  11. There's actually a whole skateboarding thread, probably a couple long boarding threads, and probably a Bmx thread.
  12. yea i gigured that out i just wanted to bump my thread in hopes of getting answers
  13. Waaaaaay to late of a response but denver would be rad as fuck! Cool hills to ride (prolly some mountain roads), the view of the mountains, the city is soo cool if i remember correctly (i was pretty young all i remember is being in a whole foods-ish store, and how pretty the part of the city i was in was)......also prolly some great bud.

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